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The Definitive Guide to IHG “Into the Nights” Promo

It’s back, baby! The holy grail of IHG promotions, that is. This is one of very few that is worth bothering with, especially if your targeted offer is substantial. You can check it via this link.

Many bloggers have written posts on it by now. However, I wanted to gather as much info as possible before publishing my take on the whole thing. So, should you go for it? As with most things in this hobby, the answer is: It depends.  First, you have to determine what you value IHG points at.

Here is the thing with points or miles: The more you have, the less they are worth. This is especially true for families with limited vacation time. Think about it: If you constantly participate in various promos, you will always have unused extra points or miles. That would be me…

I have written  posts on ways to do a mattress run over the phone, in case you absolutely aren’t able to physically stay in a hotel. You can see more info here and here.

I’ve checked 5 offers in our family (including in-laws) and decided to only pursue 3 of them. The other ones were “weak sauce,” a cool new expression I’ve picked up from my reader Cheapblackdad. I wonder if I should rename my site to Nah, doesn’t have the same ring to it.

OK, back to business.

Here is my husband’s offer:

hubby's IHG offer As you can see, I need to complete 5 out of 6 offers to get the bonus points or 2 free nights+points. That means I only need 2 paid nights and that’s it. Yes, please! This is better than BOGO, I’m in.

I’ve read that they are valid for any property and expire in 12 months. I hope to redeem the certs at a beachfront Holiday Inn in Florida, where the award rate is 35,000 points per night, a deal breaker if you need 2 rooms. But with  certificates, it’s much more palatable.

The free night certificate should be valid at all-inclusive Holiday Inn Montego Bay Jamaica (up to 2 adults and 2 kids per room). To my Disney lovers: You should also be able to use it for a 2-bedroom villa (sleeps 8) at Holiday Inn Club Vacations Orlando

Be aware: This place does have some blackout dates during major holidays, but even if you redeem it in the low season, it would be a good value, since the rate starts at $159 (plus tax) per night.

Here is my father-in-law’s offer:dad's  IHG offer

In this case, we need 3 paid nights, 2 of them at a Holiday Inn. When all is said and done, he would get over 60,500 points, or 10,500 points+2 free nights. Once again, a promotion worth pursuing. I won’t show my mother-in-law’s offer, but it was also fairly lucrative.

So, basically, I need 5 paid nights to get over 100,000 points or 4 free nights+20,000 IHG points. The answer is Yes. What sealed the deal is the fact that we already have several  stays on points coming up this fall. Stacking all offers on the same stays was a bit of a mind-bender, but I do love puzzles.

I  switched some award nights to paid ones, so we won’t need to do any mattress runs. Plus, remember, I’ll be saving  points I would have otherwise used for my trips.

As someone who has  a good deal of experience with this promotion and IHG program in general, let me outline some potential problems and things to watch out for:

1. Make sure to read all the terms very carefully and follow them to the letter.

When it says  Saturday night, it means checking-in on Saturday. If you plan to arrive after midnight, call and check in over the phone. Trust me, I’ve learned it the hard way. If it says you have to use your IHG card to pay for it, make sure to put it in your wallet a few days before your hotel stay so you don’t forget it in a mad rush of leaving the house.

If it says Holiday Inn (which includes Holiday Inn and Suites), remember, it’s not the same as Holiday Inn Express. Those are two different brands.  From terms: “Stays at Holiday Inn Resorts and Holiday Inn Club Vacation properties count as Stays at Holiday Inn brand,” so you should be fine in this case.

Let’s take a look at my husband’s offer screenshot. One of the requirements is to book a “bonus points package with breakfast.”  Many rates at IHG hotels usually offer breakfast or bonus package of some sort. However, when you click on terms of IHG offer, here is what comes up: “The rate is valid at  InterContinental®, Crowne Plaza®, Hotel Indigo®, Holiday Inn®, EVENTM or HUALUXETM hotels worldwide.”

Some brands like Holiday Inn Express already offer free breakfast, so don’t make a mistake of selecting the wrong brand. Here is an example of an eligible rate at a Crowne Plaza:

crowne plaza rate


2. Expect the bonus not to post (even if you follow all the rules),  and having to call in a few times.

I completed four IHG Big Win promotions, including my in-laws’. Two did not post after a month and a half. I had to call twice for each of them and was promised that everything was taken care of. It wasn’t. I suggest you ask to speak to a supervisor the first time you call and have them manually add the missing points. I ended up doing just that, but only after calling twice.

Interestingly, my bonus did post on its own two months later, so I got double the amount in points. I did the honest thing and called IHG to let them know that I’ve received 78,000 extra points I wasn’t entitled to. I was kind of hoping they would let me keep them, but no such luck. The amount was deducted from my stash. Still, I have no regrets, because I did the right thing.

My point is, expect some hassle; though, hopefully it won’t materialize after all.

3. Make sure not to use any bonus codes that you didn’t personally receive.

IHG has been aggressively closing accounts when they detect this activity. I strongly recommend you don’t risk your points balance. It’s not worth it to get 20,000 extra points just to lose 50,000 points (or more) later on.

4. Check EVReward to see if you can get cash back for your bookings.

If the offer requires you to reserve  through  IHG website, you can still go through a shopping portal because it directs you to Look for “Intercontinental” not “IHG” while there. If you have to book through a mobile app, this advice is not for you.

Should you bother with it?

If the offer is substantial and only a few stays are required, I would have to say Yes. As long as you fulfill the requirements to the letter, you should get your bonus, just like I did. Let’s say you value IHG point at 0.5 cents a piece, and you need to stay 4 nights in order to get 50,000 points.

That means if you can keep the total cost down to $250, you would be getting your hotel nights for free. That’s an equivalent of about $62.50 per night. Most likely, you will spend more than that, but consider it a credit toward your hotel stay.

The cheapest you can buy IHG points is at 0.57 cents a piece once a year during Daily Getaways, and you don’t get any free hotel nights as a bonus, like you would in this case. You could also apply for Chase IHG Mastercard that comes with 80,000 points sign-up bonus, but it would mean having your credit pulled and potentially foregoing another Chase bonus.

Of course, if you sign up for the promo and get the card, you could possibly get free upgrades during your stays. It could be a win-win. To me, IHG currency is quite underrated in this hobby. Their best bargain is PointBreaks program where hotel nights cost only 5,000 points. So you could potentially get 10 nights out of this promo or 2 nights in a place like New York, where top IHG hotels go for $400 per night.

Readers, are you going to chase into the nights?

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Author: Leana

Leana is the owner and founder of Miles For Family. She enjoys beach vacations and visiting her family in Europe. Originally from Belarus, Leana resides in central Florida with her husband and two children.

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28 thoughts on “The Definitive Guide to IHG “Into the Nights” Promo

  1. My offer is for 54,500. The requirements are the same as your father in-laws. I am thinking of trying to do it, but I would like you to help me to make sure I get it all right and don’t miss something in the fine print.

  2. Jennifer, the mistake I made when I did the Win Big promotion: It said a “stay”. which I did. BUT it should have read PAID (cash) stay. I booked nights with my points and was surprised that it did not count.

  3. I just checked out our offers and might consider doing my husband’s. It sounds slightly stressful though =/ My offer is showing an error right now so I need to check back later and see what it is.

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  5. Mine is not showing any offers.

    My Offers
    complete 25,000 points or 1 Free Night(s) Complete 1 offer and earn 25,000 bonus points or 1 free night(s)
    complete 25,000 points or 1 Free Night(s) Complete 1 more offers and earn another 25,000 bonus points or 1 free night
    Unlock bonus offers
    for the opportunity to earn additional rewards

    Any chance you have any idea when I’ll see what offers there are? Thanks!

    • @Kendra Not sure what’s going on with your offer. Mine took a day to show up, while my husband’s was available to view right away. I would say, call IHG and see what’s going on. Or just wait a day or two, and see if the full offer shows up. It sounds like IHG IT department is processing these offers in batches.

  6. Mine shows the below but it so it doesn’t say that I have to pick any offer so does this mean stay twice get a free night and that I can stop there and then stay twice if I want to to get the 2nd free nights?

    complete Stay twice and get a free night or 25,000 points or 10,000 miles (1,250 AIR MILES or 160 Airpoints). Book your stay on our web/mobile sites or IHG App. Terms

    Book Now
    complete Stay twice again and get a 2nd free night or 25000 bonus points or 10,000 miles. Book your stay on our web/mobile sites or IHG App. Terms

  7. Does “stay twice” two separate trips (different days)? I have a 4 day trip coming up and want to maximize this opportunity. I didn’t know if i can split up the four days at one hotel or stay at different hotels.
    25,000 points or 1 Free Night(s)
    Stay twice and get a free night or 25,000 points or 10,000 miles (1,250 AIR MILES or 160 Airpoints). Book your stay on our web/mobile sites or IHG App.

      • @Gimmepoints Thanks for stopping by! You should split up the stays at 2 different hotels, just to be on a safe side. Usually, even if you check out and check back in, it will count as the same stay. Hope it helps!

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