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Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze on New “Accelerate” Promo from IHG?

The answer is: It depends on your plans and your individualized offer. By now, you’ve probably heard about this new IHG promotion. I debated on whether to write about it, but some of my readers only follow this blog (I’m looking at you, Jen).  And this is a big deal as far as deals for a middle-class family go. All stays have to occur between September 1st and December 31st. First, you’ll have to click this link and register.

If you are not an IHG member, you’ll have to join the program first and then see your personalized offer. Out of all  family members, my husband got the most lucrative promo:

doug's accelerate

Since the hurdles are stackable, he can  receive 43,200 points  after staying only 3 nights. Or can he? As usual, IHG made this thing overly complicated. Take a look at “Change your view” and “Stay for less and earn” hurdles. When you click “terms” for Holiday Inn stays, here is what comes up:

ihg terms

It says that “Reward Club Reward nights” is a non-qualifying rate. So does that mean that “Points+cash” rate can not be used to book 2 nights at a Holiday Inn? Only IHG knows the answer…maybe. If it is a non-qualifying rate, then my husband would have to stay a total of 5 nights, which makes this promo weak sauce.

This is a typical situation when it comes to IHG program. Calling and asking them to clarify is unlikely to do any good either, because the right hand at IHG never knows what the left hand is doing. Sometimes the hurdles even change midway through the promotion like what happened with “Into the nights” disaster.

That said, if you can handle some potential aggravation and are willing to jump through hoops, it could be worth pursuing. I’ve written a post on these type of IHG promos and things to watch out for, so I strongly recommend you read it. I’ve done 5 of these in the past and always have gotten my points in the end, it just took many phone calls and some meds to calm me down (kidding!).

Readers, what offer did you get? Do you plan to take advantage of it?

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Author: Leana

Leana is the owner and founder of Miles For Family. She enjoys beach vacations and visiting her family in Europe. Originally from Belarus, Leana resides in central Florida with her husband and two children.

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8 thoughts on “Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze on New “Accelerate” Promo from IHG?

  1. CBD (cheapblackdad) family is in. But only because we just so happen to be doing a Disney trip next weekend and are trying to hit up every hotel/resort in that area with a lazy river. Staying at the Holiday Inn Club Orange Lake Resort. Have you been? I am trying to remember if this is a spot you covered before?

    I’ll get 10k points from the promotion as we’ll be checking the box on my offers #s 1 & 2: A stay in September + Stay for One Night. Wishing I could get to Offer 3 which is Stay for 3 nights but we are only doing 2 nights.

    First time doing an IHG Promo, as we have tended to stick with Hiltons & Marriotts. Curious to see how this goes.

    • Cheapblackdad, you sure do come to Disney a lot! That makes sense that you would switch your plans. We actually did stay at this place, but didn’t use any of the facilities. I really liked it, though. Not sure if you plan to book the 2-bedroom unit, but those are very nice and spacious.
      My in-laws are taking the kids there in the middle of September. Ironically, we can’t swap it to a paid stay because we are using our certs from the previous IHG promo. Those expire in December, so I think we will pass on this deal. I’ve got a lot of points in every program under the sun. I really need to burn those before spending any cash I don’t have to. That said, it sounds like a solid deal for your situation. I recommend you take a screenshot of the offer just in case, and follow all the instructions precisely. There is a reason IHG makes this thing so confusing, so don’t become their victim! I’m guessing you’ve already read my linked post, if not, I recommend you do so.

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