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On Surviving My “Vacation” and Black Friday Deals

Hey, y’all! This is a quick post letting you know that I’m alive. Hopefully all of you guys are enjoying time with your family or at least making the best of it. Why pretend, right?  I’m back from my trip to Florida Keys, which was most definitely NOT a vacation (more on that next week).

Between the  dishwasher falling out in our rental’s kitchen, loose screws in door’s hinges, arguments with my mom, let’s just say I’m happy to be back. Oh, and we also survived Miami traffic, no small feat. If you think I’m exaggerating, rent a car in Miami and get back to me. If you are still around, that is.

I also survived 5 days without checking  my email once. A round of applause, please! It must be some sort of a record. And you know what? The earth is still spinning and no one died as a result of me not answering emails the minute they hit the inbox. Unbelievable. It was nice to disconnect and not worry about taking advantage of all the latest deals. Speaking of…

Today, of course, is Black Friday and all of you shopaholics are probably getting your “fix” right about now. I’m not into shopping unless I need something specific, and at the moment I would rather save the cash. I also don’t normally focus on deals, so let me instead point out some sites you should follow.

1) Reddit forum is a good place to look for bargains during Black Friday.

2) Doctorofcredit is keeping an eye on all the latest deals, so you should probably check the site often for all the hottest, sizzling, smokin’ specials.

3) Dia at Thedealmommy has a Black Friday, Cyber Monday Deals Wiki which she will be updating over the next few days.

A couple of deals worth looking into:

1) Ebates (my referral  link)  is giving double cash back at many stores. As always, compare rates by checking Cashbackmonitor first. I wouldn’t buy something just for extra 5% cash back, but if you are planning on getting it anyway, now is the time.

2) If you are looking to book a cruise, now is a good time to consider pulling the trigger. There are many companies to choose from, like and Cruisesonly If you happen to have a Discover card, very often you’ll get the best deal by going through their travel agency. If you have your heart set on a specific ship and sailing date, go to Cruisecompete and fill out a form where you’ll get multiple offers from travel agents.

3) Between now and Monday, keep an eye on sites like Orbitz, Expedia and Cheapcaribbean for sales on hotels and all-inclusive resorts. Very often you have to act fast in order to snag a deal, so if you see a fantastic price, book it, especially if it’s refundable.

4) Keep an eye on Amazon sales. Folks, you heard it here first! If you feel inclined to support this site, consider doing your shopping through my Amazon affiliate link Thanks in advance!  It won’t cost you anything, but be aware, you may be forgoing cash back by not clicking through a shipping portal.

Have a good weekend and don’t go crazy over this whole shopping mania. There will always be another deal to chase after, I guarantee it.


Author: Leana

Leana is the owner and founder of Miles For Family. She enjoys beach vacations and visiting her family in Europe. Originally from Belarus, Leana resides in central Florida with her husband and two children.

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