Our Kid-Less Getaway in Sarasota, Photo (s) of a Toilet Included

Few weeks ago, my husband and I had a chance to escape from our kids for just one night, a wonderful treat. Look, I love my children to death, but they wear the heck out of me. Earlier this year, we were vacationing in Jamaica and started talking to another family. So, we are sharing all the crazy stuff our kids have done over  the years and the husband (not my husband) goes: “I really wish it was legal to put a collar on your kid, you know, the one that would send mild electric shock when he/she is getting out of hand.” I looked at him and said: “You are joking, right?”  Nope.

Anyway, everything was set, and points (25,000 of them) were redeemed at Hotel Indigo Sarasota. This is an exceptional CPP value since rates at this property hover around $200 per night, more during holidays. I was giddy with excitement while waiting for my little weekend escape and then I got sick. My husband was urging me to cancel, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. The deadline came and went, and our plan was still on. And so we went to Sarasota, with me coughing and all. On our way to the hotel we saw this:hello kittyOnly in Florida, enough said. Now that’s quirky!
sarasota room

And here is the room at our hotel. Very nice, boutique look to it, but is it worth $200 (plus tax)? No way, Jose. But 22,500 points after IHG card rebate? Absolutely. This is a great example of how you can leverage lucrative IHG promotions and even consider buying points (on sale) in order to stay at their semi-upscale properties without going bankrupt. I you decide to participate in a promo “Priceless surprises” that I mentioned earlier this week, you can potentially get 2 nights at this property for just $56. Go during holidays and you’ll make out like a bandit.

This hotel doesn’t have a normal-size pool, but rather a tiny wading pool and a hot tub. When people complain about it in reviews, the property manager just says it’s because they wanted to create a spa-like environment. Right. Why not just tell the truth and say they wanted to save money? We didn’t really get a chance to use the pools, but they didn’t look all that impressive. That said, if you have a small kid, it would be a perfect set-up.
sarasota bathroom An obligatory photo of  a toilet. Hobbyists, rejoice!

sarasota shower

It’s a double dip, y’all. A photo of a shower plus reflection of a toilet.

Overall, I don’t think this is a perfect place for families visiting Sarasota. But it’s not bad, either. You can see Tripadvisor reviews for more  Also, view this page to see activities you can do in the area. I highly recommend Ringling museum if you are an art lover like me.

So, it really depends on what you expect. If you are looking for a beachfront hotel with a decent size pool, Indigo isn’t it (check my review of Holiday Inn-Lido which may fit the bill). Want a more sophisticated and upscale lodging experience that’s a short drive away from the Gulf of Mexico? This will definitely do.

The rooms and  bathrooms here are quite large, which is a big plus when you travel with kids. Be aware, the A/C is noisy and cycles on and off all night, so bring a noise machine. The biggest downside for family, though, is that breakfast is quite expensive and unlike Holiday Inn brand, kids don’t eat free here.

We ended up going to IHOP, my favorite place in the world.  Am I the only one obsessed with Swedish crepes? It’s funny, when I first typed it, the autocorrect changed it to “Swedish creeps.” Umm, no WordPress, creeps of any nationality  aren’t my thing.ihop

Overall, even though I was a bit sick, my husband and I had a lovely time. When we were driving back, my son ran out of the house and started jumping up and down from happiness. That made me feel all fuzzy inside. Of course, within 2 hours, my daughter flooded the bathroom and my boy stuck his fingers up my nose. It hurt. Back to reality…


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Author: Leana

Leana is the founder of Miles For Family. She enjoys beach vacations and visiting her family in Europe. Originally from Belarus, Leana resides in central Florida with her husband and two children.

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6 thoughts on “Our Kid-Less Getaway in Sarasota, Photo (s) of a Toilet Included

  1. Our family stayed at a Hotel Indigo for the first time this past summer on a 5K Points Break deal. It was only one night and a double (queen?) bed room. It was OK, but it had the same type of noisy HVAC unit and we were also not thrilled to have only a shower (when traveling with young kids, we prefer to have a bathtub). Like you, we ate breakfast at a nearby restaurant instead of the hotel. I’m not sure what market they are targeting with this brand, my impression of the property was something like “Holiday Inn Express made over in a trendy spa theme” (without the free breakfast!)

    • Erik, I agree with your overall assessment. I don’t think Indigo brand targets families, which is one reason we use it for couple getaways. We stayed in two Indigo hotels in Florida so far. Overall, I enjoyed both experiences, but that probably has more to do with the fact that we could relax and take it easy without our kids trying to break everything in the room. I think your observation of “Holiday Inn Express made over in a trendy spa theme” is spot on. I love it!
      I think Indigo properties are overpriced when it comes to cash rates. They are trying to position themselves as exclusive boutique hotels, but can’t quite hit the spot. The noisy A/C is a deal breaker IMO. I would never consider paying $150-$250 they are asking. But using points here makes a lot of sense. I think I acquired 22,500 IHG points for around $65. At that rate it’s totally worth it.

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