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why you should consider getting Delta credit card

Update: there is a better targeted offer available. Look in my page :”Best credit card deals for family” for more.

Have I completely lost it? Even single travelers avoid Delta award program, and this blog is about family deals. Delta has a bad reputation in a points world. And for a good reason. The miles are almost impossible to redeem at a low level. Additionally you can’t use them for one way tickets, making this program a bad fit for a family.

But I still think you should consider getting this particular credit card. The reason is: ability to redeem for hotels through Delta marketplace program. There is also an option to use miles for car rentals, but I didn’t find it particularly attractive. You can  use miles to offset the price of the airline ticket as well with their “pay with miles” scheme. You would get about 1 cent per mile on fares over 100 dollars.

But many don’t live near Delta hub. Plus the price may not be the best to begin with, compared to other carriers. So once you pay for the tickets for the rest of the family with cash, it may negate any initial savings. You can click this link for more info and search for lodging options, you may be interested in:


Traditional hotel rooms are usually not the best fit for a family, but there are times, when they make sense. Like when you have to spend one night somewhere, either before a flight or a cruise. There is an offer through, that gives 45000 miles after spending 5000 dollars in 6 months,  doable for a family, like mine. You get 25000 miles after your first purchase, and the additional 20000 after you spend 5000 dollars. The first annual fee is waived, after that its 95 dollars. You also get a first free bag allowance on your Delta flights, potential savings of 200 dollars for a family of 4 on a round trip flight.

I wanted to compare paid rates against miles redemption. So I took several places in Orlando and Miami and found out, that on average you can get 0.8 cents per mile, compared to regular rates. It varies of course, but that was at least my experience. The list of hotels appears to be the same, as the one, you can find on Expedia or, so there is a wide selection from budget to luxury.

By this metric the bonus of 45000 miles would be worth 360 dollars, above my benchmark! You may even be able to use it for award flights, but don’t count on it. If you have some paid Delta flights coming up, you will also benefit from free bag allowance, so that’s another plus. I don’t have a need for hotel nights currently though, so I will probably apply for SPG Amex instead. But for some this card might make sense.

This offer pay me commission if you apply through my site. If you are interested, go to, look for “offers matched for you” on the left. Then put in your info. You should see several offers pop up, so you can choose the one, you want. I think it’s  attractive for single travelers as well, as families.

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Leana is the owner and founder of Miles For Family. She enjoys beach vacations and visiting her family in Europe. Originally from Belarus, Leana resides in central Florida with her husband and two children.

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