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(Dead)An Online Link for Merrill+ Visa Signature is Live Again

Update: it looks like the link has died. Congrats to all who got in on this deal!

I’ll make it short and sweet. If you follow DoC and already saw this post, disregard my write-up. If not, here is a direct non-affiliate link for Merrill+ Visa Signature that clearly states 50K points bonus on the landing page. Make sure to take a screenshot. How long will it last? I have no clue. It may die today or be around for several months like last time.

But if you’ve been thinking about applying, I wouldn’t take any chances. Seriously, just pull the trigger, this is a  good one if you can handle minimum spending requirements. It doesn’t pay me, so logic should dictate that I’m not exaggerating. See my guide to airfare redemption process and you’ll probably agree that this is a very strong offer.

Be aware that the application will probably go to pending (it did for both me and my husband). Just wait  a day or two before calling. If it’s denied, then call reconsideration.

Good luck!

Author: Leana

Leana is the owner and founder of Miles For Family. She enjoys beach vacations and visiting her family in Europe. Originally from Belarus, Leana resides in central Florida with her husband and two children.

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36 thoughts on “(Dead)An Online Link for Merrill+ Visa Signature is Live Again

    • @Nick No problem! I wasn’t the first to break the news, just passing along the info. Everyone’s app goes to pending, just wait it out.

    • Logged into B of A and the Merrill+ card is there, so I guess I was approved. Interestingly the CL is only $5K, which is a lot less than the CL (high teens, can’t remember exactly) on the Alaska card I’d closed a week or two before. Not sure if they’re getting more conservative on total CL extended or what.

      • @Nick Nice! Hey, who cares if the credit line is only $5K? You are only in it for the bonus, right? And yes, I definitely think BoA is getting more conservative. This is only the beginning. They can only approve 7 cards in one day for so long before someone puts a stop to the gravy train.

  1. I didn’t wait around this time. Mine went to pending too! Now, trying to decide if my husband should apply also or if he should wait a month so our monthly spends are staggered.

    • @Michelle Well, I can’t tell you what to do. Obviously, do whatever you are comfortable with. Personally, I applied in both names. Can you prepay some expenses without going into debt? That would be the main consideration.

      • Leana – I know I saw a number to call to check status of an application but I can’t find it now. Any idea where I might have seen it? It’s been two days and I haven’t heard anything. I have no accounts with BOA and I wonder if that’s the problem. My credit score is 820+, and I’ve never had a card go to pending.

      • @Michelle Try this number 1-866-751-1257 I just checked and it looks like you can find out the status without speaking to a human by choosing option 3. Good luck!

      • It’s still in pending. However, I can’t think of a reason for them to deny it except no history with them. I haven’t opened a new card in almost a year.

      • @Michelle No problem! Give it a few days. I wouldn’t involve a credit analyst just yet because it may get approved on its own.

    • I received a letter in the mail today thinking it was my first ever rejection letter. Imagine my surprise to read “Congratulations after reviewing your credit history, we’ve decided to issue you ……” It went on to state my credit score and that I would be receiving my card in the mail within a week. Wow! Now, I’m hoping it was for the 50K offer!

      • @Michelle Yay! I’m sure it’s 50K offer because that’s what the landing page stated. Congrats!

    • @James Ryan I don’t believe so. Bank of America will likely flag it as a duplicate application. You can try, but I don’t recommend it. There are some data points on Reddit from people who canceled the first Merrill card and got approved again recently. I recommend you follow DoC comments section for the latest developments. YMMV

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  3. Thanks for the heads up! I missed applying the last time around. Just applied for my wife and after going to pending she was approved 4 hours later with a CL of $5k. I already have 2 BoA cards but am going to apply for myself as well and hope that I can get it even if I have to move some credit around to make it happen.

    • @Doug Great! Glad she was approved. My suggestion for your application: don’t throw in additional BoA cards into the mix on top of Merrill offer. BoA may cancel all the apps according to some reports on Reddit.

      • Thanks, Leana. I actually saw that warning on DoC and was already planning to stick to 1 card. The timing of your warning is good because my initial inclination was to think about doing 2. In any case, I just applied and went to pending as expected. Here’s hoping it works out!

  4. So I called in to check on mine today since it went pending yesterday and instead of just giving me the status it kept trying to connect me directly to a representative (which it didn’t do when my wife’s went pending) so I hung up. Should I just talk to a representative or continue waiting it out until I get an answer one way or another? I’m worried if I wait and it gets denied then it will be harder to deal with recon…

    • I think it’s positive that they want to connect you. Mine does not. It says that they will be contacting me by mail which suggests to me that I was denied. It makes no sense to me but if they don’t want my business, I can find plenty of companies that do.

      • @Doug BoA is an odd company. I normally suggest wating it out, however, in this case, it could make sense to call and just get it over with.
        The bonus on this card is kind of iffy, and the link may be targeted. Who knows, maybe if you wait, it will actually hurt you chances. I’d say just call and plead your case if they say you are denied. Just don’t mention that you are only in it for the bonus! Let me know how it goes.

      • @Michelle I really think you should try to talk to credit analyst, though you may have to wait till Monday. Chances are, you’ll get approved. Let me know how it goes.

      • @Doug@Michelle It looks like the link has died again, so I definitely recommend you contact BoA as soon as you can (just in case).

      • So I called the BoA status line and was automatically transferred to someone who wouldn’t tell me anything other than the status and that they could see it was pending. I hung up, tried again, and got the same response. Is it worth calling the recon line even though my application hasn’t been rejected? I have never called recon preemptively and am wondering if it makes sense or is only likely to cause an issue where there might not be one…?

    • @Doug I’m kind of leaning towards recommending that you should call reconsideration now. The link is dead, so I’m afraid it may mess up your approval chances. If credit analyst looks at your app later on, he/she may cancel it altogether. Sure, there is a risk of drawing unnecessary attention. But I think in this particular case it’s probably better to call and get it over with. Chances are, they’ll approve you. Of course, it’s ultimately up to you. There is no way for me to predict what happens. Let me know of the outcome if you do end up calling.

      • I thought about it and figured I would give it a shot. I spoke with someone who seemed fixated on the fact that I didn’t have assets with BoA or Merrill and kept saying that they couldn’t approve me because I have “a sufficient number of cards with them already.” The funny thing is I only have 2 (Amtrak and Alaska), and every DP I have seen indicates that 4-5 is the low lever of what they consider “high.” I asked about reallocating credit from other cards and she said they weren’t able to do that several times due to the fact that I “already have a sufficient number of cards with them.” I asked her to speak to a supervisor and she put me on hold for 30 seconds, came back saying that she spoke with her supervisor and they could not do anything. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to fight with them today. This is my first denial in 2 years and I am really annoyed that, as someone who most certainly has not abused BoA in the way so many appear to have, that I get such a silly response. Perhaps I will wait a few hours and HUCA, but she made it sound pretty set in stone. Oh well, moving on…

      • @Doug I’m very sorry to hear it! For what it’s worth, your app would probably be declined later on as well. Things are changing at BoA. As you correctly pointed out, some have abused the system and now the little guys are getting swept up in the “purge.”
        But your wife’s app was approved, so there is silver lining. You may want to call again tomorrow and plead your case. Who knows, another CSR may approve it. Stress your ongoing relationship with BoA and the fact that you always pay your bills on time. Et cetera, et cetera.

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