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Readers, Don’t Ever Hesitate to Ask Me if There Is a Better Non-Affiliate Link!

I’ve said this many times before, but will say it again. I really want my readers to get the best possible deal when it comes to credit card offers. Obviously, saying something and actually doing it are two different things. But those of you who stuck with me over the years know that I’ve always tried to conduct business in the most honest manner possible.

Yes, this blog is a business and I’ve never tried to deny it. But just because you are running a business, doesn’t mean you should lie to your customers or hide things from them. Sometimes when I get aggravated and discouraged by constant conflicts of interest, I think about our A/C guy. Let me explain.

Seven years ago, our air conditioning unit all of a sudden stopped working. At the time, we had a small baby and were in debt. Money was tight. But you have to have A/C in Florida, there is just no way around it. Since our unit was fairly old, I just assumed we would have to suck it up and spend $4,000 on a new one. And in fact, I even said that to a repairmen who came to our house.

I’ve never met him before, but he seemed like a decent guy who happened to be the owner of the business. He checked our unit and said we didn’t need to spend thousands of dollars. He could fix it for $150. And he did. The A/C unit is still working seven years later, and so far we’ve only had to make minor repairs. Guess who we called for help each and every time? Obviously, this guy could have  sold us a new unit and we would never know that it wasn’t necessary. But he didn’t. He did the right thing.

That’s the way I try to treat my readers. It’s not about getting on a soapbox or implying that I’m somehow more honorable than other bloggers. I truly don’t feel that I am. I think most of us are doing the best we can navigating this complex industry and simultaneously trying to look out for our readers.

It can be discouraging reading rants where people brag about applying for  credit cards through bank’s site rather than  supporting a blog they read and benefit from regularly (at no cost).  I don’t understand it, but it is what it is. My guess is these folks live in the woods and grow their own food. Obviously, they never buy anything, because  then someone would be making a profit. But I digress…

Fortunately, I know  that  most of my readers don’t feel that way. In fact, recently a few have applied for Alaska Air co-branded credit card through my link when a better non-affiliate offer was available. Unfortunately,  they didn’t know about it, though it is listed on my page of second-tier credit card bonuses.  That particular Alaska Air offer link doesn’t always work (it should be OK now), but I do try to keep it updated.

I realize that while I know my own blog inside out, most readers are probably not familiar with how to find best offers and so on. I recommend you check this page: Best credit card deals I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not always 100% accurate, and doesn’t contain all the offers, specifically targeted  ones. But it’s a good starting point. If you aren’t eligible for any of the cards on that page, move on to the secondary list I’ve mentioned earlier.

If you see something you like, do a Google search to make sure it really is the best offer (it usually is).  If you don’t see anything appealing or would like more options, please, email me. I’ll be happy to provide more tailored advice. At this point, my blog is fairly small, so I’m able to give each reader the attention he/she deserves.

When I found out that these two folks have applied for inferior offer, my advice was to call Bank of America and see if they would match it. One was successful, I’m waiting to hear from the other reader. But there is no guarantee on this type of thing, so it’s best  to always apply for superior offer to begin with.

My policy is and always has been to maintain 100% transparency with readers. It’s not good for my business in the short-term, but it’s the right thing to do. Obviously, I’m not perfect and miss offers from time to time. After all, I have a busy life and two kids. But my sincere hope is that you view me as someone you can trust. And of course, it goes without saying that  I’m incredibly grateful for your support and never take it for granted!

Author: Leana

Leana is the owner and founder of Miles For Family. She enjoys beach vacations and visiting her family in Europe. Originally from Belarus, Leana resides in central Florida with her husband and two children.

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