How This Blog Makes Money

Every so often, I get questions from friends and acquaintances on how this blog makes money. “So you have a blog just for a fun hobby, right?” “Writing for a blog isn’t a real job, is it?” “How much money does your blog make?” Yep, I’ve gotten all of these questions!

So since Leana and I try to keep it real on here, I want you, the readers, to understand how this blog makes money.

How This Blog Makes Money

99.9% of Blog Income Comes From Credit Card Applications

Most, if not all, of the income from this blog is generated by our readers applying for credit cards from our affiliate links. We earn a small commission from each approved application. Sorry, we are not allowed to divulge how much we earn for each card, and the commission is always changing anyway.

When I was a new reader of miles and points blogs, I didn’t understand that miles and points bloggers got paid for credit card applications. I used to just use Google to find card application links. Eventually, I clued in and started applying for cards from blog I enjoyed.

Aren’t Bloggers Just Plugging Credit Cards and Encouraging People to Get Into Debt?

Some miles and points enthusiasts believe that any blogger who makes money from credit card applications is evil and greedy. They believe that bloggers constantly pump up credit cards and don’t talk about cards not in our affiliate network.

There may be bloggers out there that do this. However, Leana and I always try to give you the honest truth about credit cards we feature in posts. We regularly discuss cards that are not in our affiliate network (like Leana’s recent post on the Terps Visa).  We keep an updated list of the hottest credit card offers, and several of them are NOT in our affiliate network.

Sometimes, the offer in our affiliate network is NOT the best offer out there for a specific credit card. For example, in the past the IHG credit card bonus was 80,000 points in our affiliate link but 100,000 points in a non-affiliate link. We don’t have control of the specific offers in our affiliate links. But, if we know of a better offer, we will mention it in our Hot Deals section.

Travel hacking with travel rewards credit cards is NOT for people who don’t pay off their credit cards in full every month. Leana and I would never encourage anyone to go into debt for this travel hacking hobby.

Why Don’t You Use Regular Click Ads Instead of Relying on Credit Card Commissions?

Update: As of late July 2019, Miles For Family is part of the BoardingArea network, and we have advertisements on the blog.

We have tried generating revenue from other ads that pay on a per-click basis. However, in order to make substantial money, a blog must have a lot of traffic. When we displayed ads, we found our blog pages loaded more slowly, and the small income wasn’t worth it.

How Can We Find a Credit Card Through Your Affiliate Link?

You can explore the cards in our affiliate links by going to the Apply for Credit Cards tab at the top of the blog, or by clicking on the top banner ad or side banner ad once you are within a blog post.

How This Blog Makes Money

How This Blog Makes Money

If you do not see the credit card you want, click on “CARD ISSUER” in the top menu and then click on the specific bank that carries it (Chase, American Express, Citibank, Barclays, Wells Fargo, HSBC, Capital One, Discover, Bank of America). You may have to click on “show more cards” at the bottom of the offerings until the card you’re looking for is listed. If you’re unsure if a card is in our affiliate network, email us at

Why Do Other Blogs Have Easier Credit Card Links Within a Post?

Some bigger blogs have more direct relationships with banks and therefore have fewer rules and restrictions on how they can post affiliate links. You may notice some of the big titan blogs have a direct link to a card’s application in a post. Sure makes things easier, right?

Unfortunately, due to our affiliate rules, we do not have these types of links. You still have to go to our Apply for Credit Cards tab and dig for the card you’d like to apply for. We know that it’s not as easy, and we really appreciate it when you take the extra time to apply through our links.

What Are Other Ways We Can Support Miles For Family?

We really appreciate it when you read our posts and comment. We also love it when you share our posts on social media and recommend us to friends and family.

On the Support the Site tab, we’ve listed personal referral links for several credit cards and websites. Usually, when someone signs up through our referral links, we get some bonus points.

Why Should We Support Miles For Family Over Bigger Blogs?

There are just two of us working on Miles For Family. Leana built this blog from the ground up and has been blogging for over five years.

We don’t have a staff of people who use an expense account to travel to destinations for articles. We don’t pretend that you can take your family on first class flights for every trip, multiple times a year. The trips we write about are our own trips that we earned by applying for reward credit cards, just like most of you. Leana and I are true hobbyists.

We’ve corresponded with many of our loyal readers for years now. We respond to blog comments. As Leana once said, we’re like the bar in Cheers, “Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name.”

And yes, this blog is also a business and a job for two women, not just a fun hobby. We both love to write, travel and learn from our readers. While writing articles takes time, we also spend time on social media promoting the blog and work on the technical/accounting aspect of the business. I hope we can continue this blog for years to come.

If you have any questions about how this blog works, please ask. Thanks for your continued support!

Author: Nancy

Nancy lives near Dallas, Texas, with her husband and three kids. Her favorite vacations include the beach, cruising and everything Disney.

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26 thoughts on “How This Blog Makes Money

  1. Hi Leana/Nancy, I went through your links for my last two approvals this week (Chase IHG and Barclays Arrival+). Hope the clicks were tracked properly and you get the credit. Keep up the hard work!

  2. The fact you don’t constantly shove affiliate links in the face of your readers in a constant barrage of credit card advertising is part of the reason I keep coming back.

    Oh, and this: “We don’t pretend that you can take your family on first class flights for every trip, multiple times a year.” <—This. This is everything.

      • Thank you Nancy! We will be at Disney’s Grand Floridian resort and spa in 26 days. Didn’t use points for the resort but used them for flights and UR for annual passes. In April we’re doing spring break in NYC and Vegas using points for fights and hotel stays.

      • @Natasha Sounds like a great year of miles and points travel ahead! I’d like to go to Vegas sometime again. It’s been many years since I’ve been there, probably about 18 or so.

  3. I started a miles and points blog in October in the UK and I’m still researching and learning about this area – although I’ve been more successful in the early days than I anticipated!

    I’ve been following your blog for a while and as a novice blogger I found this post quite useful. Thanks.

    • @Army Thank you, we appreciate your comments. I can’t use most of my links either, LOL! But actually now I’m starting to repeat some cards that I had 4-5 years ago, and there are always new cards popping up. This hobby aint dead yet. 🙂

  4. Would y’all consider adding a small link at the top of your “Support The Site” page that includes an option to donate towards your efforts? At this point you deliberately do not charge for direct consulting advice.I have taken advantage of the offer, but also wish I could contribute in a small way to keep it going! Many of us care about the success of your site because there is nothing out there like it, and would love to help you as you have helped us!

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