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My Blog’s Niche: Miles, Points and… Kombucha?

One of the most rewarding experiences in running a blog is interacting with readers. I always enjoy receiving emails with questions on maximizing miles and points, as well as feedback on my posts. Knowing that our content benefits real people is extremely satisfying. Some emails make me laugh out loud, which is always appreciated in this depressing time we live in. Right now my family is bracing for hurricane Irma’s landfall and may end up spending Sunday night in a shelter. At least the kids are excited!

But the post isn’t about that. Today I wanted to share with you an email that put a smile on my face. It came from a reader in New Zealand, an expat who grew up in United States. She is a character, for sure (in a good way). This gal is a busy mom, so sometimes it takes her  a few months to catch up on my posts. But I can always count on her commenting eventually. A funny thing to me is the fact that her better half S. likes my posts as well. Why would a Kiwi dude be interested in my writing is a mystery, but I’ll take it. Her latest email had to do with my post back in April, with a title  SPG Aloft Brand: “Kombucha” of Hotel World?

Here we go:

“I had to send you this photo of S., his son and a bottle of Kombucha.  I’ve never heard of it before today.  We were on a 5-hour drive from Taupo to Wellington.  I was taking advantage of the opportunity to catch up on your blog (you may have noticed!).  I was reading your posts out loud to S. and today we read about Kombucha! 
Never heard of it before reading about it today in your blog.  Then a few hours later we’re in a restaurant on New Zealand Father’s Day.  A lady came to our table and asked S. to pick a piece of paper out of a bucket (Father’s Day raffle).  He did.  And guess what he won!?  A bottle of Kombucha!  He is now a trendy Dad!  We just about died of surprise and laughter…after *just* reading about it earlier on, for the first time.” 

Readers, please keep your emails coming. We love hearing from you, whether it’s questions, suggestions or just fun photos/anecdotes from your trips. Nancy and I enjoy helping you guys, and want this blog to be a no-pressure community where you don’t have to worry about someone constantly “selling” you something. So keep in touch, y’all.

Well, I’m off to enjoy my Kombucha drink, spiked with vodka (what else?) I shall call it Kombucharita. Hurricane Irma, here we come!

Author: Leana

Leana is the owner and founder of Miles For Family. She enjoys beach vacations and visiting her family in Europe. Originally from Belarus, Leana resides in central Florida with her husband and two children.

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9 thoughts on “My Blog’s Niche: Miles, Points and… Kombucha?

    • @tscateh There you go! 🙂 Thanks for clarification. It’s funny, as many alcohol jokes as I make on this blog, I’m actually not much of a drinker. But I might become one due to all the stress. And hey, tequila sounds even better!

  1. I’m regretting stocking up on water instead of alcohol for this storm. My nerves are shot with all the path changes. Now the direct path is going smack dab over my house. It’s crazy. My husband is the emergency manager where he works. You’d think we would’ve been better prepared at home. And here we are without any shutters for our windows, no generator, no flood insurance. On a miles and points related subject, not to self: Never, ever, ever under any circumstances fall for the cheap prices to the Caribbean during hurricane season and book a trip. My heart goes out to the people on these poor islands. Stay safe. I’ll probably be seeing you around this weekend.

    • @Jennifer Same here. No shutters on the windows, but hoping for the best, LOL. I did get a huge cooler and plan to fill it with water later today. Honestly, we should be OK, so don’t stress too much. As long as you don’t go walking around the neighborhood when the eye of the storm passes over the house, you will be fine. Having kids makes it worse, for sure. I worry about them and wish we would have left the state when we had the chance. But oh well, we live in Florida, and this is the reality, I’m afraid. We can’t just pack up and leave when the storms approach us. Plus, the path may still change between now and Sunday. Stay safe! If we see you on the weekend, I’ll share my bottle of Sangria with you. 😉

    • @Stephanie Thanks, we will definitely try to stay safe. Having small kids changes your perspective on this sort of thing. We just hope everyone makes it out OK, and houses can be rebuilt. I plan to do a post on it next week once things settle down. We are in for a rough few days, but that’s the price you pay for living in a Sunshine state.

  2. We still have our bottle unopened bottle Kombucha in the fridge at home. Maybe we’ll try it this weekend.

    S has given authorized use for you to use their faces in photo on blog, if you want to take away the black boxes on their faces. He said that with the blacked out faces it looks like a creepy old guy feeding Kombucha to an unsuspecting child. Ha!

    Good luck and stay safe down there – I mean up there. I still think like a Minnesotan, even when writing from NZ. 🙂

    • @Amanda You are funny! I’m not sure you guys will like the combucha. It’s basically a fermented tea, definitely an acquired taste. I’ll replace the photo when
      I get a chance, no worries.
      The path of this hurricane isn’t looking good for our area. But we are not taking any chances. We thought about staying in our block home, but may go to a sturdier building with no windows. I anticipate no power for days, maybe even weeks. That’s the hard part with kids.

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