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Miles and Points Recap: Amex Crackdown, Southwest Schedule Extended, New IHG PointBreaks List and More

This is a brief news recap from last week. For faster updates, follow Miles For Family on Twitter or check the feed on the right side of the blog.

1) There is currently a working direct link for Hyatt co-branded credit card that comes with 40k points + $50 credit. Apply here  Be aware, the landing page doesn’t mention 5,000 points for adding an authorized user, but several people confirmed that you  will still get this benefit. I can’t vouch for it, obviously. Still, worst case scenario: you’ll get $50 instead of 5,000 Hyatt points, which is close to a wash in my book. I speculatively value Hyatt points at around 1.1 cents apiece.  (Hat tip DoC)

2) Preparing for US Bank FlexPerks changes next year I know that at least few of my readers actively collect FlexPerks currency, so this post should be of interest.

3) Few days ago I came across an interesting product called Bank of the West Cash Back MasterCard. Be aware, it’s only available to residents of certain states (see list here) Few details on the card:

Direct application link

This actually seems like a decent “keeper” card for an average Joe, I just wish it was available nationwide. If you live in one of the states where it’s offered and like to collect cash back, you should probably look into it. Apparently, William at DoC posted analysis of this card few months ago, and I just missed it. If you are a new reader, you may want to see my list of best “keeper” cards for family.

4) Check out the latest shopping portal promos from American, United and Southwest here As always, this deal is only worth it if you plan to make a purchase anyway.

5) The official offer on  Chase United MileagePlus Explorer card is set to expire on 7/31/2017. Read about it in my Hot Deals page (scroll to mileage bonuses). I do believe it will come back at some point, not to mention, targeted offers tend to pop up from time to time. It is a very good deal, but the card is subject to 5/24 rule.

6) The big news in the hobby is the fact that Amex has added a warning in “T and C”  to those who “game” the sign-up bonuses. See all the details on DoC I’ll have more on it next week, but will say one thing. I think Amex is shooting themselves in the foot here. I know they have a business to run, but this strong verbiage will scare off potentially profitable customers. Telling people they can’t cancel the card within 12 months, essentially forcing them to pay the second annual fee, is ridiculous.

7) According to LoyaltyLobby, new IHG PointBreaks list will go live on July 31st. You can see a full preview by clicking the link.

8) Southwest schedule is now open through 4/6/2018. Book your Spring Break getaway now! (Hat tip to KennyBSAT on Twitter)

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Author: Leana

Leana is the owner and founder of Miles For Family. She enjoys beach vacations and visiting her family in Europe. Originally from Belarus, Leana resides in central Florida with her husband and two children.

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3 thoughts on “Miles and Points Recap: Amex Crackdown, Southwest Schedule Extended, New IHG PointBreaks List and More

  1. Pretty annoyed all around at Amex. I had considered giving them another chance as I am flying delta quite a bit again for work and I got spoiled with the status my former delta card gave me. By given how hard it is to find places that take them, and how stingy they have become with sign up bonuses, I’ll just have to pass.

    I don’t cancel before a year is up anyway, so not worried about that aspect.

    Excited for the Hyatt card. It’s not as valuable as 2 free nights anywhere but still solid.

    I’m sure the annual fees will be coming due for the first wave of CSR applicants over the next month or so. Curious to see how that goes. My wife was one of the first to get one.

  2. Cheapblackdad, that’s exactly what I meant when I said Amex is shooting themselves in the foot. I understand that they are looking out for the bottom line, that’s fine. But this strategy will backfire. BIGLY. I plan to do a post on it next week, which was in the works anyway.
    On CSR card, I would be almost tempted to keep it for the benefits due to all the flights we will presumably be taking next year. However, it’s going on a chopping block. I’ve used up the points and plan to purchase my own travel insurance. Also, I hope to get approved for a premium card that will give me lounge access. I’m thinking US Bank Altitude Reserve. I mostly want it for the points, but the perks won’t hurt either. Oh, and I definitely plan to sign up for Hyatt card within the next few months. This one will be a keeper.

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