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Plans for my Hilton Points Stash

Update: The bonuses mentioned below are no longer available. See Best Hotel Points Sign-up Bonuses for the most current offers.

I’ve always preferred to read about how people are spending their miles and points vs. how they are earning them. After all, earning points is pretty straight-forward with credit card bonuses and ongoing spending. But redeeming points, well, there’s a ton of options, even within one program!

Plans for my Hilton Hotel Points

Why Hilton?

I’m a Hyatt girl at heart. My family enjoyed a year of Hyatt Diamond Status with free suite upgrades and lounge access. Even this year, as an Explorist, I’m taking advantage of at least three Hyatt lounges.

But even without those freebie perks, I’m still a big fan of Hyatt hotels. I’ve found them to be consistent and reliable.

In the past, I’ve transferred Chase Ultimate Rewards to Hyatt for reasonable redemptions. However, I’m planning to use a big chunk of Chase Ultimate Rewards to book a condo in Hawaii through Chase’s travel portal. That will deplete most if not all of our potential Hyatt points.

I decided to look into Hilton, since the two Amex cards have temporarily increased sign-up bonuses of 100k and 80k. (See this post for more information, and please consider applying through our site if you decide one of these cards is right for your family. Thank you!)

Hilton has a very large footprint, and I was surprised at how many of its hotels will fit five people in one room. I also discovered that Hilton hotels are good options in the few places we are considering for family vacations next year.

So yes, I drank the Hilton kool-aid. My husband applied for and was approved for the Amex Hilton Surpass, which comes with 100k bonus points. I plan to also apply for the card, and my husband may also apply for the no-fee version with 80k bonus points as well. We could have almost 300,000 points in a few months!

Leana has already shared with readers her wish list of possible hotels for her Hilton redemptions. Check out the destinations and hotels my family is considering with our soon-to-be-acquired Hilton points stash!

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

It’s crazy that my family lives 4 ½ hours away from Hot Springs National Park and we still haven’t been there! A few of my friends have visited Hot Springs, and they say it’s lovely.

In addition to hiking trails, Hot Springs National Park also has a row of historic bathhouses, including the famous Fordyce Bathhouse with a bowling alley. If you hike to the top of Hot Springs Mountain Tower, you might see steam rising from the hot springs through the tree tops.

The town of Hot Springs also has a few fun things for families, including an alligator farm, an aquarium and a small amusement park. Nearby Lake Hamilton also has a beach, water sports and even a Duck Boat tour.

Regular rooms at the Embassy Suites Hot Springs fit up to six people with two double beds and a sofa bed. The hotel has free breakfast and free evening snacks and beverages, and it even has its own spa. I see rooms available for 37,000 Hilton Honors points (~$200 cash) per night over the summer.

Embassy Suites Hot Springs

Embassy Suites Hot Springs. Photo credit

After using a serious amount of points (and probably cash) for our Spring Break trip to Hawaii next year, Hot Springs might make a perfect choice for a summer vacation.

Hershey, Pennsylvania

Chocolate, drool! I remember going here as a kid, and I’d love to bring my family here.

Of course we’d have to spend a few days at Hersheypark and tour the chocolate factory. Other attractions in the area include touring an Amish farm, visiting a coal mine and riding a steam train.

Hilton has several hotels in the vicinity that would work for my family of five:

Hilton options near Hershey, PA

Hilton options near Hershey, PA

Orlando and Daytona Beach, Florida

Florida—my family can’t get enough. The state full of awesome beaches and of course Disney! We would go there any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

My boys are itching go to Universal Orlando, mainly for the Harry Potter stuff. Hilton has several hotels in its portfolio near Universal that fit five in a room.

Plans for my Hilton Points Stash

Hilton options on points for a family of five near Universal

And all three kids are begging to go back to Daytona Beach! Hilton has several oceanfront properties in the area.

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach

Texas Hotels

If none of those trips materialize for my family, we still have tons of hotel choices in Dallas and all over Texas where we could use the points over a weekend. Between the greater DFW area and en route to our relatives in South Texas, there are some great possibilities.

I would love to stay at the Hilton Dallas/Rockwall Lakefront or the Hilton Anatole for its water park (see my post about Dallas summer staycation hotels). Both would make easy weekend getaways.

This Hilton Garden Inn South Padre Island is calling to me as well. It’s a far drive from my city, but the beach is probably the best in the state of Texas.

Plans for my Hilton Points Stash

Hilton Garden Inn South Padre Island

Hilton has resorts in San Antonio and Galveston, as well as options in most other cities in the state. There is even a Hampton Inn near Big Bend National Park in West Texas.

Just three hours north of Dallas, this Skirvin Hilton Hotel in Oklahoma City is a historic landmark hotel. I’d love to visit Bricktown, which looks similar to San Antonio’s Riverwalk.

Oh, the possibilities!

Are Hilton Points Right for You?

If you’re new to the miles and points travel hobby, I urge you to first determine if Hilton points are a good fit for your family. What are your travel goals? Where do you want to vacation?

I recommend searching on for hotel possibilities in your desired travel area. Hilton has 14 hotel brands under its umbrella, so if you just Google Hilton plus a city, you might miss out on hotel options within the Hilton portfolio

If you haven’t applied for a new credit card in years, please read Leana’s post about a good two-year strategy for newbies. Chase credit cards should be a priority for most people, depending on your goals and plans.

However, if accumulating these low-hanging-fruit Hilton points is a good fit for you, remember to pay off your credit card bills each month. Miles and points hobby should not cause you to go into debt.

Do any of the destinations above sound appealing to you? If you are going to accumulate Hilton points, where will you use them?

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Author: Nancy

Nancy is a contributing writer for Miles For Family. She enjoys traveling to the beach and is a big fan of Disney. Nancy lives near Dallas, Texas, with her husband and three kids.

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14 thoughts on “Plans for my Hilton Points Stash

  1. We’ve got a stash of 300K points which will be applied to a future two-week stay at the Hilton Princess Managua. And folks, if you don’t have enough points to cover your stay, never forget that you can negotiate. After talking with the hotel manager on our last trip we paid a few thousand extra points above the standard room rate to book a room on the executive floor which they then upgraded to a two-room suite (as opposed to booking two rooms, which would have cost a lot more points).

  2. Not to get off topic, but I had no plans of collecting Hilton points (I had just tentatively planned out vacations for the next 3 years – just the locations), and then I went home and there was a mutiny at my house. Kids and hubby all want to go on a Disney Cruise and to Disneyworld (mind you we have Disneyland passes so I know my kids are going to be disappointed because everything is so spread out in Orlando). I heard their wishes…4 Day Disney Cruise and 4-5 days for Disney World and they want to stay at a Disney Property (haha…I don’t know what koolaid they’re all drinking but I don’t have that kind of money). We negotiated…3 Day Disney Cruise and 4-5 days @ Disney World off property for free

    Nancy, do you have an entire Orlando write-up? I have plenty of time – Summer of 2019 – but I’m looking at Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista (28,000 pts) or maybe Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Bonnet Creek. I refuse to pay for a hotel especially since I have to buy $1,600 worth of Disney World tickets and book a 3 Day DCL for about $4,000 (ouch).

    Now I have to work out a whole new credit card strategy for this year 🙂

    • @Stephanie If you stay at Wyndham, you may want to stick to condos. The hotel has a resort, plus parking fees, which add up to $50 per day. Condo side does not. Your get access to the same amenities. Check or I’ll have a post on it within the next few weeks, so keep an eye on it.

    • @Jen–travel hacking is fun, yet addictive! It has provided almost-free/discounted vacations for my family for the past few years. 🙂

  3. Thanks Leana….I was going to do a comparison of all the parking fees & resort fees because they do add up. I’m hoping if I pick the right property that I won’t even need transportation as we don’t want the added expense of a rental car plus parking @ resort and/or Disney Parks.

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