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Buy Netflix, Southwest and Disney Gift Cards at a Discount with Amex Offers, But Hurry!

I don’t normally dedicate a separate post to this type of thing, but there are some really good deals floating around. Check  Amex “Offers for you” in the profile and save them right away. Once the quota is filled, they will disappear. The best one is tied to Sam’s Club, but it is targeted. Unfortunately, I don’t have it on any of my accounts, but it’s always good to check anyway.

Some other lucrative deals are on purchases at Best Buy and Newegg. Even if you are not interested in electronics, they could still present a good opportunity to snag a discount on things you need. For example, Best Buy has an offer where if you spend $250 in one transaction, you’ll get $25 credit on your Amex card. That’s on top of the rewards you are already earning.

So, it works out to at least 11% discount. Best Buy sells various gift cards, but you need to make sure  they can be mailed, e-gift cards don’t qualify. Good options are Disney, Netflix, Southwest Airlines and Wendy’s. Obviously, I would not purchase them speculatively, but if you are going to Disney anyway, why not save 11%, right? Check out Newegg as well, because it also offers a nice selection of gift cards.

Make sure to open separate tabs if you have more than one American Express card. That way, you can double or triple dip. Either way, go to your Amex profile and save the offers you are interested in. You have till the end of the year to take advantage of them. I plan to buy a few Netfilx gift cards because they are similar to Amazon. You just load them to your account and they are deducted automatically each month.

Readers, who is excited about these offers?

P.S. Thanks to reader Erik for reminding me about Amex Sync program. If you don’t see the deal in your profile, just connect your card to social network profile here Then tweet offer name with a hashtag. See his comment for more details.

Author: Leana

Leana is the owner and founder of Miles For Family. She enjoys beach vacations and visiting her family in Europe. Originally from Belarus, Leana resides in central Florida with her husband and two children.

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4 thoughts on “Buy Netflix, Southwest and Disney Gift Cards at a Discount with Amex Offers, But Hurry!

  1. Several good offers were released yesterday that can be activated via the Amex Twitter channel (you must first sync your card at Just tweet this message: “Deal! #AmexNewegg #AmexBestBuy #AmexExxonMobil #AmexLonghorn #AmexCartersOKB #AmexHilton #AmexSurLaTable #AmexWAC” to get them all added to your account. Not bad for a few seconds of your time to cut/paste.

    The Sam’s club offer seems to be appearing most often on business cards for both the primary and authorized users. One of the best deals of the year, IMHO.

    • @Erik Yup, absolutely! I just assumed that all of my readers knew about Sync, but that’s probably not the case. Good catch, will update.

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