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Zumba Is the Opposite of Miles and Points Hobby

This post is of “filler” variety and a bit on PG-13 side. So, I apologize in advance to anyone who gets offended as a result. I just wanted to relate my experience and hopefully entertain folks while they are waiting for Chase Sapphire Reserve to hit the stores.

I’ve mentioned before that I started doing Zumba dance class at a local Gold’s Gym. It is so much fun! Seriously, ladies, check it out. And I do mean “ladies,” because let’s face it, there are very few guys who attend Zumba class.

As the title of my post sums it up, it’s the opposite of the miles and points hobby. What I find interesting is that the only male regulars are hispanic men. They are usually at the front of the class dancing their hearts out.  The occasional white guy usually hides in the back and is very uncomfortable  to be there. You can tell that their girlfriend or wife dragged him to Zumba, or they lost a bet.

Well, the other day I came to my Monday class as I usually do, and did a double take. There was a guy there who looked just like Shawn from Milestomemories. I’ve never met him in-person, but this dude seriously looked like his long lost twin. For a second I thought maybe  Shawn was driving through central Florida and decided to stop by a Zumba dance class. Nah! Boy, did this guy look uncomfortable. We won’t be seeing “Shawn” again, I’m sure of it.

After the class I was talking to my husband and he mentioned how much he hates exercising. I told him he should try Zumba. It’s fun,  but it’s real physical exercise. My husband just gave me the look. I asked him if he would ever consider coming. His response: “When my b***s (rhymes with “trolls”) fall off.” I wanted to say: “Some would argue that it already happened when you married me.” But I held back.

Full disclosure: my husband did say I could publish this post!

Author: Leana

Leana is the owner and founder of Miles For Family. She enjoys beach vacations and visiting her family in Europe. Originally from Belarus, Leana resides in central Florida with her husband and two children.

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4 thoughts on “Zumba Is the Opposite of Miles and Points Hobby

  1. (rhymes with “trolls”) Bolls? Is that a southern word? Up north we rhyme that part with “malls”. 😀
    You know you spend too much time on “The Hobby” when you think you see point bloggers at the gym!
    I am feeling stood up by CSR! The last two weeks I have been putting off all the spend I could for my beloved CSR! “We are almost out of paper towels.” Me: “Good, I’ll buy more when my CSR gets here!” And “Can we go school shopping?” Me: “Sure, as soon as my CSR gets here!” It is a good thing school starts in Sept. here! I did buy them milk and toilet paper this week with another card, and it looks like I will have to fill up my gas tank with another card too since the CSR stood me up today! 🙁

  2. IloveCSR, you are pretty funny! Thanks for setting me straight on my rhyming issues. LOL I’ll blame them on my foreign origins. So, it’s not a Southern thing, it’s an Eastern European thing.
    I’m sorry CSR stood you up today. It did show up in branches, apparently. Such a tease! Can you believe all the madness on Reddit!? Please, don’t neglect your family’s basic needs, though.
    P.S. You know you spend too much time on The Hobby when you use “ILoveCSR” moniker in the comments section. Boom. 🙂

    • @ Amanda I wasn’t sure if I should publish it. It’s a little on risqué side, no? Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

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