I Have Officially Joined the Ranks of Lame Moms!

Growing up, I was always a tomboy, climbing trees and hanging out with the guys (the male kind). I was never the girly kind of gal, and can’t recall even one doll, though I’m sure there were some. I also never had that burning desire to be a mom. I just assumed that it would develop in me eventually, but years went by, and I kept putting kids off.

There was always that next super duper awesome trip I wanted to take, but it really had more to do with me not wanting to lose my freedom.  I also secretly felt that moms are kind of lame. I know it sounds like a dumb generalization, but I pictured “mom” jeans, minivans and constantly showing photos of your kids to  strangers who couldn’t care less. Oh, and coffee mugs (with  pictures of your child), sitting on an office desk.

Well… Forward a few years and here I am, driving a minivan (though it’s Mazda5, so it’s different!) and choosing pants based primarily on how roomy and comfy they are. Plus cheap, of course, some things never change. And look what  came in the mail a few days ago:


Lame, you say? Well, I think it’s beautiful! It’s a picture of my son taken at his Pre-K photo session, stamped permanently on a coffee mug.The teacher actually told  all parents to dress kids up, but only my child showed up with a fancy bow tie.

My old friend in Belarus has sewn it herself and sent it to me as a gift. The rest of the kids were wearing casual clothes and began making fun of my son. Poor thing got so sad, he started crying and ran into my arms for comfort.

But I loved that photo so much, I decided to order a mug, which totally goes against my  cheapness principles. It was meant for my husband’s office at work, but I might get one for home as well.

Something about it just tugs at my heartstrings. Maybe it’s the innocent look in his eyes, a reminder that my son still needs me, the fleeting nature of childhood. Where did the years go? Next month he is starting kindergarten, gasp. He might be a big boy now, but he’ll always be my baby…

I also got an idea. We have all these old mismatched coffee mugs we’ve had since my husband and I got married. What I would like to do is order a set with family photos  from our favorite trips. I want to have a reminder each day of how precious our time together is.

I’m lame and proud of it!

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Author: Leana

Leana is the founder of Miles For Family. She enjoys beach vacations and visiting her family in Europe. Originally from Belarus, Leana resides in central Florida with her husband and two children.

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11 thoughts on “I Have Officially Joined the Ranks of Lame Moms!

  1. We were married almost 10 years before having kids. The thought of planning the next trip always interested me more than picking out a nursery theme…until it didn’t. The biological clock is a real thing, let me tell you!
    Now love planning our “lame” family vacations and driving around in my lame minivan!
    I’m a lame mom,too! And proud of it! (And the mug is super cute)

    • @Lindy Yay for lame moms! 🙂 Boy, your story sounds just like mine. We were also married almost ten years before having our first child. And yes, ticking biological clock definitely got louder and louder as the years went by.
      You know, minivans get so much hate, but they are the most practical choice for family, hands down. Ours is a mini-minivan, but it has been very good to us. Yay for sliding doors and car seats! Once you go “minivan,” you’ll never go back. Take that, cool SUV-driving moms!

    • @Nancy Thanks! I think we need to start a blog called “Minivans Are Cool” where moms can confess their love for this type of vehicle without being shamed. That’s definitely an unexplored niche!

  2. I was just telling this to somebody today: there are two things that no one can understand unless they live them:
    1) having children
    2) being an immigrant
    We both coincide on those things. It’s not until you have children that you realize how deep, beautiful and painful loving them is. It’s not until you made a different country your home that you have a strong need to go back and visit your old home and your dear ones.

    Enjoy your mug!!


    • @Leticia That was beautifully put! I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s impossible to understand what’s it’s like to have a child untill you actually have one. Nothing is ever the same.
      It’s funny, I couldn’t wait to get out of my parents’ house. And now, it seems like I’m constantly planning trips there or trying to bring them over here. It’s weird to see them getting older. In my memory, they are still the age they were when I left home, not much older than I am now. Crazy!

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