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Miles and Points Recap: Next Week Daily Getaways Deals, New Citi Churning Rules, Free Virgin America Points and More!

1) Originally, I planned to do a separate post on next week of Daily Getaways promo. But two things happened: a) the juice is barely worth the squeeze, b) I don’t feel like it. Honestly, Expedia deal could be worth it for some, but there  are so many restrictions (read the fine print). Not to mention, very few packages available.

The deal that could definitely make sense for some families is Wyndham:

wyndham deal

You are basically buying Wyndham points at penny each. Is it worth it? Maybe. Wyndham has some very nice properties in locations like New York, Chicago, Puerto Rico, as well as few beachfront hotels in Florida. However, you are still paying $150 per night, and for me that’s a lot of money. A much better option might be applying for Wyndham Signature Visa that comes with 45,000 points and annual fee of $69 (non-affiliate link)

Even if you deduct it, you would still be getting a sign-up bonus of $381. If you can’t apply for Barclaycard for whatever reason, you might want to consider purchasing the points instead. However, first read this post about some of the quirks of the program. If you are planning on going to national parks or smaller towns and can find “Go fast” rate, you can get a decent discount for using merely 3,000 points per night. Read this post for more details. It’s  the first year this deal is available via Daily  Getaways, so it’s hard to say how popular it will be.

My verdict: Pass and apply for their credit card instead. Might be worth it to buy one package to take advantage of “Go fast” rate.

2) Citi has implemented a new rule that says you can’t get the sign-up bonus if your card has been closed within the last 24 months (used to be 18 months). If you are planning on applying for one of Citi products, double check the dates. More details here

3) Speaking of Citi cards, 75,000 points offer on Citi Hilton HHonors Visa Signature card is still available. Here is direct, non-affiliate link. (h/t to Free Frequent Flyer miles via DoC)

4) Weird things are happening with sign-up bonus on Citi Premier Visa. My affiliate site  no longer shows the card at all. Read this post on DoC on new developments  as well as working (for now) link for 40K points.

5) Get 500 free Virgin America points for referring your friends, up to 2,500 points total. These points will eventually become Alaska miles. Readers, feel free to leave your referral links in the comments.

Have a good weekend!

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