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  1. Why you should join AARP by The Deal Mommy No, you don’t have to be 50.  Tons of great discounts, so you should easily get your money’s worth. Be aware, AARP reportedly sells your information to marketing companies. It does seem like I get more junk in the mail. Oh yes, I am a proud AARP member too!
  2. End-of-year credit card application list and analysis  This is a terrific post on DoC. Possible triple dip on Citi Prestige and some other cards. But tread carefully, bank rules could change without notice.
  3. Hyatt “cash+points” rate is now bookable online via Loyalty Lobby. This is for all of you Hyatt loyalists, and you know who you are. I’m actually hoping to utilize this option for a category 4 property. It can certainly help you stretch your Hyatt points or Ultimate Rewards (which instantly transfer to that program 1:1).
  4. A post on Travelisfree on how you can get 20K Virgin Elevate points for free The deal involves listing your house on AirBnB. No, I didn’t say you actually have to rent it. Not sure how this will work in reality, but in theory, it sounds insanely lucrative. I don’t feel comfortable doing it, but you might feel differently.
  5. I just published a post on Bank of America Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Visa. It looks like Frequent Miler blog has a working non-affiliate link that comes with $100 credit.

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