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So, My Husband Got Into Reselling…

No, not because of miles and points. He doesn’t give a rat’s behind about that aspect. He enjoys reselling. This has been a revelation of sorts because I’ve never actually considered that most do it because they …like it!

He isn’t dealing with brand new merchandise, but rather his beloved Apple products purchased used on Ebay. And, believe it or not, it’s not about making money. I’m scratching my head just writing this, but it’s true. He barely makes any profit on the amount of hours he puts in, and mostly just breaks even. He won’t even go through a shopping portal to get cash back on Ebay because he says it’s too much trouble.

So, I thought it would be interesting to give my perspective as a spouse of a reseller. To all of you reselling gods (and you know who you are), enjoy!

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes 

They are everywhere and they are driving me crazy. They come everyday and I’m sick of talking to UPS and Fedex guys who think we are friends. I can see why, they probably spend more time conversing with me  than they do with their own spouses.

The boxes are taking over our small house. There is a huge stack of them in the garage, a few in our bedroom, and you literally can’t have more than one individual at a  time inside my husband’s office. What the heck? I’m getting angry just thinking about it. I need to view boxes as my roommates so I can calm down. Breathe…

The other morning, there was a box in the living room that my husband left there by accident. I was in the kitchen making food, when  suddenly I heard screaming. I went to see what was up, and my kids were fighting over bubble wrap. So, I went nuclear on my husband, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I did go overboard, so apologized later on (wink wink). Anyway, I hope I was able to convey how much I dislike having stinking boxes in my house. Phew, I feel better now.

I don’t want to hear about your reselling problems!

Needless to say, things go wrong on occasion when  you are dealing with Ebay buyers and sellers. Most of the time, everything is as described. But on occasion, the product will have missing parts or arrive broken. Then, you have to email people and try to get a refund. Naturally, some try to weasel out of it, so it can get messy.

Ditto for buyers. Some complain about the most ridiculous things. And guess who has to listen to my husband when he is fed up with yet another unreasonable Ebayer (is that a  word?). Now I know how he feels when I talk about my blog.

Obscene amount of time involved

It goes without saying that there  is a tremendous amount of hours involved. And he makes almost nothing for all of his efforts! Of course, when I voiced my objection, he asked me how much I make from the blog. Well, more than you make from reselling. I think…

It is very time-consuming, so please, take this into consideration if you decide to give reselling a shot. Of course, my husband enjoys it, so that’s why I try to be understanding. After all, he is doing the same thing for me.

Any upside?

Well, it’s much easier to meet minimum spending requirements on new credit cards.

Author: Leana

Leana is the owner and founder of Miles For Family. She enjoys beach vacations and visiting her family in Europe. Originally from Belarus, Leana resides in central Florida with her husband and two children.

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