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1. An update: My husband’s offer reverted to the original one. I guess, I’ll go ahead with this promotion after all, since we only need 1-night stay to qualify for his bonus 2 nights. The plot thickens!

In case you’ve missed the whole IHG “Into the nights” debacle, read my posts from Monday and Tuesday. IHG is still putting out conflicting messages, so I think this mess is far from over. My advice: Participate in this promo only if you have upcoming plans anyway and if you like IHG properties. I would not consider doing mattress runs at this point in time.

2. An amazing fare from Boston to several cities in Europe via low-cost European carrier WOW airline. Tickets for next summer cost only $284 total roundtrip, including all taxes., though be aware that there are extra charges for everything. Still, all I can say is WOW!

3. Before November 3rd, you can purchase a $75 voucher for Virgin America flight for only $25. (h/t Million Mile Secrets)

4. Via Dansdeals, Citi is adding new language to the terms of their cards. Apparently, if you have had a card, opened the card, or have closed the Citi card within the past 18 months, you can’t get another sign-up bonus. Historically, Citi cards have been churnable.

Usually, you had to wait 18-24 months between applications (not cancelling) for Citi AAdvantage Visa, but not other cards. This is  a new development, though not  a surprising one. It could make an argument for closing a Citi card after having it for 6 months or so. That way you can qualify for new sign-up bonus sooner.

5. Earn 5,000 Rapid Rewards points+another possible 5,000 points if paying with Southwest co-branded card, when making your first hotel booking through Rocketmiles (not my link). Hat tip to Holly from Frugal Travel Guy.

6. If last year you got US Airways MasterCard that came with an annual bonus of 10,000 miles after paying an annual fee of $89, your benefit will continue after the merger. At this point, there is only  a version on Flyertalk that comes with a bonus 10,000 miles on your first and only first anniversary.

However, it is meant for Preferred status members and I saw reports that  it is randomly enforced. Personally, I wouldn’t risk a credit pull and stick to the regular version that’s on my Bonus list. Full disclosure: It does pay me referral. You can also wait and see if it’s increased to 50K, that is currently available via targeted offer. You may also call Barclay’s and see if they match it.

On my mind

Disumbrationism movement was a great hoax in the history of 20th century art. It was invented by Paul Jordan Smith and the story, according to, goes like this:

“In 1924, Smith’s wife, Sarah Bixby Smith, showed some art works in a local exhibition, but they were panned by critics, who dismissed them as “distinctly of the old school.” Modernism was all the rage during that time. Strange, complex, hard to understand paintings  is what critics were after.

So,  Smith said : “I asked for paint and canvas and said I’d do a real modern — I’d never tried to paint anything in my life. Given the oldest tubes of red and green paint and a worn brush, I took up a defective canvas and in a few minutes splashed out the crude outlines of an asymmetrical savage holding up what was intended to be a star fish, but turned out a banana. I labeled it ‘Yes We Have No Bananas,’ took it to the dinner table for the delight or disgust of the family, and thought that was the end of the matter.”


For a while, the painting sat in his living room, doubling as a fire screen. But when it attracted the praise of a visitor, who thought it looked like a work by Gauguin, Smith decided to see if it could fool real art critics.

According to this article at, “In 1925, Smith entered the banana picture in New York’s Exhibition of the Independents at the Waldorf-Astoria. He renamed it ‘Exaltation,’ put a high price-tag on it (just to make sure no one would buy it), and listed it as the work of a Russian artist, Pavel Jerdanowich, which was a play on Paul Jordan. He figured that an exotic name should make him a bigger hit with critics.”

To Smith’s amusement, critics promptly swallowed the bait. And so, Disumbrationism (the term invented by Paul Smith, which means “lack of shadows”) movement was born. He became the star of the art world.

According to the referenced article, in 1927, Smith finally came clean and the story was on the front page of LA Times. In his confession, Smith explained that he had hoped to show that much of the art currently in fashion was “poppycock” promoted by critics who knew very little about art. He derisively described these critics as “fraidy cats” and poseurs.

What does all this have to do with miles and points or being  a momma?

I’m not quite sure.  I just thought it was a neat story. Plus, I guess, in a way, I feel like my blog is very much “back to basics” and “distinctly of the old school.” No complex 10-step strategies (plus only two trips to Walmart) so you can earn 1,000 “free” miles. You won’t find a guide on adding 15 stopovers to your award ticket, though it does sound pretty cool!

My content is not what’s in vogue, but hopefully that doesn’t make it any less relevant. Plus, if pointing out hypocrisy is wrong, I don’t want to be right, y’all!

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