Miles, Points and a Bottle of Rum

Ahoy! Today is “Talk like a pirate day,” so let’s have some fun, me hearties.

1. Yo-ho-ho! Check your Amex profile “Offers for you” section. You may get a $5 credit toward your purchase of $15 or more. The purchase has to be done online, and Walmart gift cards should qualify. You can also synch your Amex card and do it via Twitter. 

2. Arr! Up to 20% off and bonus 1,000 points on Best Western stays booked and completed before November 23rd.

3. Shiver me timbers! Stay twice in one of Club Carlson properties by December 15th, and you may earn 7,500 bonus AAdvantage miles. (h/t Miles to Memories)

4. Avast Ye! It means “pay attention” in pirate lingo. Last week I mentioned US Airways Premier World MasterCard, and that the bonus is going away within the next few months. Be aware, some have gotten a targeted offer of 50,000 miles, which is better than my affiliate link.

I don’t know if the public offer will be increased right before the card is discontinued, so it’s your call on whether to wait to apply or pull the trigger now. Follow this Flyertalk thread for latest news on US Airways  card and various offers, including one for Preferred members.

5. Aye! In case you’ve missed the last Family Travel for Real Life seminar, there will be another one held in Charlotte, NC on March 7th. Tickets are now on sale, and if you live in the area, consider attending.

On my mind

It’s been a lot less crazy around my house lately, now that my daughter is in school once again. Having only my son to entertain for a good part of the day isn’t quite so challenging. It’s funny how different boys and girls are. Specifically, maturity and mental development.

My daughter was speaking in sentences by the age of two. Our little boy… not so much. It’s not that he couldn’t, he just didn’t feel like it. We took  him to Canada at the age of two, and as I mentioned, he was barely saying any words at the time. While in Banff, I walked with him to a train station, but the person working there told me that the last train has left for the day.

We turned around and started heading back to our vacation rental. Lo and behold, there was a train heading towards the station. My son pointed at it and said clearly: “Go back there!”  His very first sentence. You know, travel really does open little minds.

He is also quite quirky, I tell you. For some reason, he calls moon “earth,” circles “squares” and so on. He is very smart.  He just likes to do his own crazy thing. Also, the other day I pointed at  a Winnie the Pooh wall hanging, and asked him: “Ohh, is that Winnie the Pooh?”  His response: “No, it’s a squirrel.” Enough said.

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Author: Leana

Leana is the founder of Miles For Family. She enjoys beach vacations and visiting her family in Europe. Originally from Belarus, Leana resides in central Florida with her husband and two children.

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