Limited Time Credit Card Offers

Miles and Points, Back Links

1) There are unofficial reports that the increased bonus on Chase Ink and Bold will end on May 31st. I’ve mentioned before that it is a very good offer and does pay me commission. But what if you are debating between Wells Fargo Propel and Chase?

I would pick Propel. The reason? Chase will most likely bring this increased bonus back next year, though no guarantees. Wells Fargo is very unpredictable and could pull their offer at any time permanently.

2) A full recap of first week’s Daily Getaways deals HERE

For most families, the only worthwhile deal is Choice promo, which I will highlight next Monday.

3) $20 of Southwest fare if you collect My Coke rewards. More details HERE (H/T Giddy for points blog, love that name!)

4) Through May 19th, you can get 15 percent back on certain store purchases by going through Ebates (my link).

5) There were some changes made to Barclaycard Arrival. You can now redeem the points for campgrounds, timeshares, tourist attractions, buses and taxis (coded as travel expense). It also comes with chip and pin technology, handy for overseas travel.

6) Via Mommypoints, free 500 United miles for joining Dining Network HERE

7) Via MMS blog, you can now pay your bills through Evolve service by using your credit card. No need to buy Visa gift cards anymore. Tread carefully, especially with CITI. Read more on it HERE

8) Southwest has increased the sign-up bonus on all their co-branded credit cards to 50,000 points. The only version that pays me is Chase Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier card.

9) Just a side note.  I’ve  noticed that my commission is not tracking properly. I found out because I have applied in my husband’s name, but my affiliate site didn’t show approval. I’ve noticed quite a few clicks over the last few weeks, but none are tracking.

If by some chance any of you have applied and got approved, please let me know. Either send an email or comment anonymously on this post on what card you got on which date, so I can follow up with my rep. Thanks in advance and sorry to bother you. The joys of being a credit card affiliate!

On my mind

Ever since I started blogging, one of the marketing strategies suggested over and over again is to leave comments to get the name out there with a back link to your site. Some consider this practice a bit spammy.

I don’t comment that much on blogs. But when I do, it’s because I feel I have something to contribute. Yes, I usually (not always) leave my website’s name as a signature because it’s a customary thing to do and it represents the viewpoint of my blog.

Frankly, I haven’t seen that much traffic from it and it never sticks around, at least not in my case. So why bother?

If a blogger asked me not to leave a back link in the future, I would be fine with that and wouldn’t take it personally.

You’ve noticed that I often link to other sites because my goal is to gather the most useful information in the industry, applicable to a regular family. There is no way my blog can do that all on its own.

I have noticed a bit of a double standard. If a well-known blogger comments with a back link, it’s because they are supportive and a mentor. If a new blogger does it, it’s spam. Why is that? A well-established blogger is much more likely to convert readers to their site.

Anyway, to all of you fellow bloggers: What are your thoughts on the whole back linking debate? I am genuinely curious. Everyone’s thoughts are welcome, back link included.

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Author: Leana

Leana is the owner and founder of Miles For Family. She enjoys beach vacations and visiting her family in Europe. Originally from Belarus, Leana resides in central Florida with her husband and two children.

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16 thoughts on “Miles and Points, Back Links

    • Shoesinks, thank you so much! I will be sure to follow up with my company for the May application. I truly appreciate it. Feels weird asking my readers to verify it, but there is clearly a glitch in the system.

  1. Wow…as a relatively new travel blogger, I did not realize that leaving a back link was considered “spammy”. I have been leaving comments on the “big guy” blogs for several months and it seems like the logical way to get your name out there.

    • @Have child, still travel Thanks for stopping by! There is somewhat of a debate on this issue, I’ve seen it being brought up a few times in the blogs. I completely agree with you, it’s the logical way to get your blog’s name out there. That’s actually how I discovered your site, which is really good BTW
      When you are just starting out, it’s incredibly hard to get noticed, especially in this saturated industry. As long as the comments are thoughtful, I don’t see the issue here. Anyway, feel free to leave a back link on my site anytime, though you’ll obviously do better going after the “big guys” 🙂

      • In my defense, I only comment when I have a legitimate question or an actual comment relative to the content of the post. So I suppose I would see it as “spam” to leave my link and just say something random. But of course….if I did that, people would think I was a nutter and not check out my site anyway. LOL I better stop talking now…….

    • @Pixie Points You are not out of the loop, it’s probably just me! No, I’ve seen this discussed on blogs before, including the ones not associated with miles and points community. I’ve also seen bloggers make a snarky remark to the commenter, especially if the comment was negative. Basically: ” I know, you are just here for the back link!”
      Anyway, just my random thoughts, as always. I tend to mix it up on Fridays. Keeping it eclectic, or trying to.

  2. Hi there!
    I am NOT an SEO expert by any means but it’s my understanding that the backlinks left in comments do much of anything at all.
    On commenting, I’ve commented on other blogs daily for two years for a few reasons. First, it helps me build relationships with other bloggers and writers. I’m self-employed and it can be lonely!
    Second, commenting/relationship building is a great way to meet people that you can collaborate with. We often have common goals and can help each other get there. =)

    My two cents!

    • Holly, thanks for stopping by! Funny, you mentioned SEO. I had no clue what it even means till a few months ago, when I got an offer from some company to “optimize” my site. Still debating on that one.
      As far as links in the comments, I completely agree. I don’t get that much traffic from them, if any. When you are just starting out, there is a benefit. That’s how I got my interview at MMS At this point, many readers and most bloggers are familiar with my site, not always for a good reason. But we won’t go there!
      I also get lonely and comment when I see something that interests me, no ulterior motives whatsoever. Thanks again for stopping by. Love your site and transparency in your posts!

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