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If this hobby were a religion…

Make no mistake about it, for some it already is.  See my “The opportunist, the hoarder and the survivalist” post from August 7th. You probably can’t tell, but I have been working very hard on producing decent content, that a reader can benefit from. I know your time is valuable.

But sometimes I just need to let loose, y’all ! (imagine a mix of eastern european and southern accents) Plus I plan to cut back to just 3 posts per week, so consider this one a bonus. And there aren’t any breaking news to report.

Believe it or not,  I have to really restrain myself in my posts. I mentioned before, I used to write humorous essays. That’s the reason I love Mark Twain and enjoy hanging out with funny people. But  I do want to make it clear, that  the following is not meant to offend. I truly believe in treating people with respect, I really do.  So if I offend anyone, I  apologize.

I actually like all of the blogs mentioned here and do read them myself. And I will forever be grateful to Daraius, so I would never insult him on purpose. Also, you have to be familiar with the industry to get any of the jokes. So if you are a new reader, come back tomorrow. I will have it out of my system (for now), like Milenerd. Actually his last rant, is what inspired me. It’s like the words in Regina Spektor’s song “Us”, it’s contagious. Love that song!

If this humorous comparison was made before elsewhere, I’m sorry. I did NOT see it, I promise. So, if this hobby were a religion, here is how blogs would stack up on the totem pole. In the order of priority and significance, just like my card picks:

1) The Pope: Randy Petersen, the “godfather” of frequent flyer miles. Technically not a blog, but close enough.

2) The high priest:  “View from the wing”

3) The high priest in-training: “The points guy” + his faithful pet companion, named after the religion. The dog  might be sacrificed at the altar at some point, when the cuteness  stops  bringing  in extra donations.  It’s dark, no? I don’t think the puppy approves of me saying these things.


4) The regular priests : major blogs, like “MMS”,  “One mile at a time” and so on. Some of these are candidates to be high priest in-training, in case “The points guy ” (the blog)  bites the dust.

4) Altar boys:  “The wandering aramean” and “Canadian kilometers”.

5) “Wanna be” altar boys: Michael W blog and such. He will not be jumping for joy, when he reads this.

6) Parishioners, who hope to be “wanna be” altar boys someday: all other unknown blogs.

7) The  beggar at the entrance, with whom most of the priests and altar boys  avoid making  eye contact: my blog.

There is a  controversial blog, that creates a lot of buzz in the industry. It probably would represent protester, picketing  the church. Some would rank it at the top of the totem pole, some at the bottom, it just depends on who you ask. I won’t give my opinion.  Also, I couldn’t really come up with anything for Frequent Miler. Maybe he would be the guy from manufacturing industry, hired as a consultant, but  who doesn’t really belong to the church?

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Author: Leana

Leana is the owner and founder of Miles For Family. She enjoys beach vacations and visiting her family in Europe. Originally from Belarus, Leana resides in central Florida with her husband and two children.

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3 thoughts on “If this hobby were a religion…

  1. I am still trying to understand the direction of your blog. You just started but are already cutting back to a few posts per week. And plan to incorporate financial elements too? You keep comparing other blogs to stores, religion, etc….? Not really understanding the point altho I read all the blogs you mention. Very odd. I have been following your blogs and enjoying them but do wish you were a bit more consistent. I thought this was a blog about “Miles and Points for the Average Family.”

  2. Diane, thank you so much for your feedback! That’s exactly, what I want to hear from readers. The truth is, I am still trying to figure out the direction of my blog myself. As I said in the beginning, this post was more of a bonus and not a normal occurrence, since I really enjoy humor. I do think my previous posts were geared toward middle class family, sorry you didn’t feel that way. And you are correct, the blog is odd. Because the truth is, I am odd! Its a reflection of who I am. I guess I’m going for an eclectic mix, perhaps should tone it down a bit. My next few posts are pretty much on the subject, though. As far as finance element, I do think it’s important, because it relates to this hobby. I am hoping to reach people, unfamiliar with miles and points. And I truly believe, a certain mindset is required. As far as just few posts, I just don’t want to repeat, what everyone else is saying. Thats all. But it just depends on what deals are out there . I will write, when I see something worthwhile. Thanks again, I truly appreciate you taking the time. I hope you find my blog beneficial in the future.

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