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New Addition to My “Keeper” Collection, and it’s a Girl!

 No, I’m not having another baby, we are done ! I’m referring to another card, I think is a great fit for a middle class family. I am a firm believer, that other than the minimum spending requirements and topping off an account for miles, cash back usually makes the most sense for people, like myself.

That is an average family, who rarely goes on vacations. In turn, you can use that cash  to pay for your travel. Yes, I know it sounds like travesty in this industry. But when someone uses mileage or point earning credit cards, they are buying that particular currency. The big question is, how much are they paying? And thankfully, airlines, hotels and cruise lines in USA  still accept American dollars!

First, I do NOT make any commission on this card if you apply. And the card is called Sallie Mae  MasterCard, which is why I made a girl name reference.  This is NOT the card to get for the bonus, since it only gives a 25 dollar statement credit. You would be better off getting Barclaycard Arrival card, issued by the same bank. But not everyone wants to constantly switch  cards and I have to keep that part of my readers in  mind.

One  of  the reasons I started this blog is to let my relatives know about all the latest credit card offers. And  most of them simply will not be getting new cards every few months or even years. In fact most normal people only have 2 credit cards. But I have never been normal!

Sallie Mae Mastercard earns 5 percent cash  back on gas, groceries and books. You can redeem it as a statement credit, even though the card is marketed toward those with student loans.

From reports on Fatwallet, Walmart counts as a grocery store, which is a huge plus. Also purchases on Amazon  earn 5 percent cash back, since it’s considered a bookstore. But  YMMV (your money may vary).  I spend over 100 dollars a month on Amazon, so that would be at least 60 dollars a year just from that category.

This is how the rewards limits break down:

5% rewards up to $250 total for groceries per month
5% rewards up to $250 total for gas per month
5% rewards up to $750 total for books per month
1% on everything else

The grocery limit is a bit low for  a family, which makes Amex Blue Cash Preferred card better, since it gives 6 percent back on up to 6000 dollars in grocery store purchases per year. Also Amex comes with a larger bonus upfront.

But the downside of Blue Cash Preferred is that it may not count Walmart as a grocery store. Plus  it  has an annual fee of 75 dollars. Also, Sallie Mae gives 5 percent back on gas, as Amex gives only 3 percent. So do the math and see which one makes more sense.

Since currently I apply for cards mainly for the bonus, I will pass on this offer. But it is a great card for non-bonus spending for a middle class family. As always, you have to have good to excellent credit to apply. Here is the link:


And here is the link to discussion on Fatwallet:


You can earn 5% cash back on gas, groceries, and books to help pay down your eligible Sallie Mae® student loan. Plus, 1% on every other purchase you make. Percentage of monthly earnings is subject to monthly limits.

  • Earn Cash Back on Every Purchase
    Boost your earnings with cash back on every purchase you make, with no rewards expiration.
  • Earn a $25 Cash Back First-Use Bonus
    You will earn 2,500 bonus points ($25 cash back statement credit) when you use your card within 90 days of account opening.
  • No Annual Fee

You can use your points to:

  • Help pay down an eligible Sallie Mae student loan
  • Redeem as cash back in a Upromise® account
  • Redeem for a statement credit on your Sallie Mae MasterCard account

Author: Leana

Leana is the owner and founder of Miles For Family. She enjoys beach vacations and visiting her family in Europe. Originally from Belarus, Leana resides in central Florida with her husband and two children.

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7 thoughts on “New Addition to My “Keeper” Collection, and it’s a Girl!

  1. I have NFL card , Arrival and US airway cards from Barclays I am planing t apply this card for my next round of App O Rama. Do you think its better to apply for this card ?

    You mentioned “Since currently I apply for cards mainly for the bonus, I will pass on this offer. ”

    Please advice me if I can get any other good card from Barclays

  2. Kishore, I honestly doubt, you will be able to get another card with Barclay’s , since you already have 3 with them. And actually I can’t think of any other good bonus cards with that bank. You might be able to convert one of your cards to Sallie Mae, but the results are mixed on that, from what I hear. If you let me know, what other cards you have, I might be able to suggest what to consider. Otherwise, look at my page on top “Best credit card deals for family”.
    Also, did I understand the question, that you already have those 3 cards correctly? Or you are planning to apply for them? If you don’t have them, I would go with just Arrival at this point. Barclay’s is stingy with approvals currently. You probably would not be able to get more than 1 card with them. Let me know, if you have any other questions.

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