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How to Find Affiliate Credit Card Links on My Site

This post was born out of simple problem. I have  actual readers who want to “buy” from me, but they  can’t find the product (aka credit card links) on my site. This is incredibly frustrating and has caused  the loss of commission on multiple occasions. Just recently, I had a few people contact me who said they couldn’t find the card they wanted to apply for after clicking my affiliate link. One went ahead and Googled it.

As much as I hate to shove my links down people’s throats, I went ahead and put together this post which will hopefully make it easier for you to support the site if you want to. If you’ve been reading my blog for the last few years, you probably know that I always put readers’ interests first. My affiliate/non-affiliate links coverage  split is close to 50/50.

If there is a card that I think will be a better fit for readers, I will write about it. That’s why I dedicated multiple posts to Sallie Mae Barclaycard (RIP), Sam’s Club MasterCard and many other “gem” offers you were not hearing about. Additionally, if I’m aware of a better sign-up bonus, I try to let you know.

But I do get paid for quite a few offers that also happen to be good for readers. Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to include links to individual credit cards. Sorry, I don’t make the rules. So, if you feel that my content is beneficial AND you plan to sign up for that card anyway, consider supporting the site. Here is how:

1) Click on the banner ad at the top of each post, or go to Credit Card Links or Support the Site page. Both contain credit card links, but the latter also has affiliate links for Amazon and shopping portals. Speaking of, if you do a lot of Amazon shopping, consider going through my site.

2) Click any credit card link there. I have them separated by categories: airline, hotels, cash back, business cards. But all  links lead to Rome, I mean my affiliate site. When you click through my blog, it has my ID imbedded. So, as long as you don’t click out, any card you apply for on that site will pay me commission. It’s similar to a shopping portal.

3) OK, let’s say you clicked on one of my links, but still can’t see the offer. Here is the easiest way to find a  card you are looking for. At the top, you’ll see “card type”:

cc 1

Hover your mouse over it. Underneath, you’ll see major banks listed. Chances are, you’ll be applying for one of their offers. If so, click on the bank’s name and you’ll see all of their cards  listed, at least the ones that pay affiliate commission.

That said, I also make commission on certain credit cards from US Bank, Wells Fargo, TD Bank and few others. Those are a bit trickier to find. Go to this tab:

cc 2

Underneath, you’ll see “Earn rewards” You’ll have a choice of “rewards,” “cash back,” “points” and “gas cards” categories. If you know the category your card belongs to, click there. Then just look through the long list (sorry!) Occasionally, you’ll see this:

cc 3

Click on it, and it will give you more credit card choices.  Is your head spinning yet? I know mine is.

If all else fails, please, always email me. Usually, I respond the same day unless I’m on vacation. I realize it’s much easier to Google something, but I hope you consider taking the time to support the site, especially since it comes at no cost to you.

Rest assured, your support matters! It may be only one application, but it absolutely helps keep this blog alive. And thanks to everyone who goes out of their way to find the affiliate links. I’m truly honored.

As always, do what’s right for your family and if it happens to pay me, consider giving a virtual tip.




Author: Leana

Leana is the owner and founder of Miles For Family. She enjoys beach vacations and visiting her family in Europe. Originally from Belarus, Leana resides in central Florida with her husband and two children.

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