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Few Ways to Make Sure You Get the Best Sign-Up Bonus on American Express Cards (Maybe)

As a miles and points blogger, my goal is to always let  readers know about the  best possible deal, whether it’s credit cards or travel promotions. The latter is easy. If there is a sale on points etc., I simply write a post linking to it. There is usually one set price for everyone. You either think it’s a good deal or you don’t, easy.

I wish I could say that about credit cards. There is a dysfunctional system in place where affiliate bloggers may have one offer that pays them, but there may be several variations floating around the internet. Many times those variations are a little bit better than affiliate offer, other times, the difference is tremendous.

Obviously, this is quite frustrating for several reasons. For one, the banks put affiliate bloggers in a precarious situation where they want us to promote a product, but simultaneously undercut us via other channels. Of course, if I’m aware of  a better offer, I will tell readers regardless. This has been my policy from the start, and nothing has changed.

The most challenging bank to keep track of is American Express, by far. No other bank comes close.  At any given time, there  may be a non-affiliate  offer that only shows up in  incognito mode, is accessible via certain code or targeted link. There are also mail-only offers, and even bonuses you can find on Universal Studios website (huh?)

I was shocked when American Express added recent 100K offer on Amex Surpass and no-fee 75K points offer to my affiliate channel. The  “flavor” on those products that gives incentive is almost always inferior to what you can find elsewhere. FYI, I wrote a post on them before I knew they were going to pay me.

Anyway, what prompted me to put this write-up together was yesterday’s post. In it I mentioned Amex Everyday card and the official sign-up bonus of 10K points. Dustin from Wallerswallet mentioned that this non-affiliate link for Amex Everyday should pull up 25K points offer in incognito mode. Try it several times in several browsers. That’s a big difference compared to 10K points!

Since you can only get sign-up bonus on American Express cards once per lifetime, it’s crucial to apply for the very best offer each and every time. So, here are a few ways you can  do it:

1) Read this post on Doctorofcredit on ways you can see targeted Amex offers in your online profile. Thanks to reader Erik for reminding me about it!

2) Follow Doctorofcredit  daily. If there is a special offer on one of Amex cards, chances are, you’ll see it there first. The blog has an active community, and readers regularly update the authors if there is a decent deal floating around.

3) Credit card forum on Flyertalk. The emphasis is on miles and points bonuses, but cash-back cards are covered as well.

4) Opt-in to receive promotional offers from American Express. See this post for instructions on how to do it in your Amex profile.

5) Sounds obvious, but I suggest you just Google “Best sign-up bonus on offer such and such” You’ll be surprised!

Bottom line

I absolutely don’t want any of my readers to miss out on best credit card offers available. Unfortunately, banks don’t make it easy for me. Help me help you!

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Author: Leana

Leana is the owner and founder of Miles For Family. She enjoys beach vacations and visiting her family in Europe. Originally from Belarus, Leana resides in central Florida with her husband and two children.

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