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Hey, Kids! Guess Hula Is Going to Hawaii?!?!

We are less than four months until our 11-day trip to Hawaii. I had been keeping this trip a secret from my kids for a few reasons. It was finally time to spill the beans and reveal our big vacation destination!

Hey, Kids! Guess Hula Is Going to Hawaii!

Past Vacation Reveals

I know some families like to surprise their kids on the way to the airport. But, I just can’t do it. Part of the fun of a vacation is the anticipation and planning. My kids like to get in on that, too! So starting with our first Disney Cruise in 2012, we began a tradition of having a vacation reveal a few months prior to each big trip.

For our first vacation reveal, I organized a scavenger hunt all around our house. I planted clues in different spots that lead my kids to a new spot. Each clue revealed something we would be doing on the trip. The final location had a large poster (free thanks to keeping up with store deals on Money Saving Mom) that revealed our Disney Cruise.

Hey, Kids! Guess Hula Is Going to Hawaii?

The kids then got to open up this treasure chest that included some Mickey plush, cruise tickets and cruise hats. Their grandparents were in on the surprise, and they included a Disney gift card for each kid to spend on the ship.

Hey, Kids! Guess Hula Is Going to Hawaii?

Hey, Kids! Guess Hula Is Going to Hawaii?

My kids enjoyed the fanfare, and I liked planning something special. So, we continued the vacation reveal tradition. For a subsequent cruise, I surprised the kids with these gigantic Mickey and Minnie balloons:

Hey, Kids! Guess Hula Is Going to Hawaii?

Another time, I created a jigsaw puzzle that they had to put together to see our next vacation:

Hey, Kids! Guess Hula Is Going to Hawaii?

Our kids have never had that outrageous reaction you see on YouTube where they are screaming with glee. Their reactions have always been a bit more subdued. But nonetheless, the vacation reveal starts the wheels turning for fun things we can do on our next trip.

Hawaii Vacation Reveal

For our upcoming trip to Hawaii, I turned to Pinterest for ideas. I found a lot of ideas on throwing a luau party that would work for this situation. I decided to make a special themed dinner and see if the kids would catch on.

For starters, I hollowed out a pineapple and put fresh flowers in it for the centerpiece. Miraculously, I found the Minnie and Stitch that we bought at Disney’s Aulani in 2015.

Hey, Kids! Guess Hula Is Going to Hawaii?

The top of the pineapple became a decorative center for the fruit skewers:

Hey, Kids! Guess Hula Is Going to Hawaii?

I did my very best to replicate the sand and a palm tree with this vegetable tray and hummus:

Hey, Kids! Guess Hula Is Going to Hawaii?

I made these Hawaiian Sliders with ham, cheese and pineapple for the main dish.

Hey, Kids! Guess Hula Is Going to Hawaii?

Of course, we had Hawaiian punch to drink.

Hey, Kids! Guess Hula Is Going to Hawaii?

The most fun part of our special dinner was dessert, Hawaiian flip-flop cookies! These are just Nutter Butter cookies with a little icing on top.

Hey, Kids! Guess Hula Is Going to Hawaii?

I purchased everything for this vacation reveal from Walmart in one trip. Easy peasy.

The Reaction?

Unfortunately, my kids did not get to see this set-up at the same time. My two younger kids get home from school before my oldest.

When they walked in the door, my 9-year-old immediately said, “Oh my gosh! Are we going to Hawaii?!?!?!” He caught on right away.

So of course when my oldest got home, my other kids intercepted him at the door and told him we were going to Hawaii.

We looked at a map of Hawaii together so that I could show them where Kauai is (we only went to Oahu on our last trip). My daughter kept asking, “Are we leaving tomorrow?!?!” No, Spring Break. “Is that next week?” When I explained to her that we still had over 100 days to go, she cried.

We checked out a YouTube video of an ATV ride in Kauai. My boys are thrilled! The girl is terrified.

My two younger kids can’t wait to go back to Aunty’s House, the kids’ club at Aulani. My oldest is most looking forward to surfing again.

We will keep reading more about Hawaii before our trip and talking about the fun stuff we will do there. I hope that the anticipation of this trip is enough to keep them (and me!) going through the drudgery of January and February.

How do you tell your kids about upcoming vacations? Do you tell them as soon as you book, right before you go or somewhere in between?

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Author: Nancy

Nancy is a contributing writer for Miles For Family. She enjoys traveling to the beach and is a big fan of Disney. Nancy lives near Dallas, Texas, with her husband and three kids.

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17 thoughts on “Hey, Kids! Guess Hula Is Going to Hawaii?!?!

  1. All of those things are adorable!!! I also like letting my daughter know where we are going ahead of time – it’s more fun for her to be excited for 3 months then for 3 minutes.

    • @HML Thanks! And yes, it’s fun to stretch out vacation excitement by knowing and planning in advance. I think if I told my kids on the way to the airport they would feel robbed.

  2. oh my gosh! a vacation reveal?! how fun! Also, this makes me excited for when I eventually get to go to Hawaii one day!! have fun and enjoy it!

  3. Thats awesome! My cousin is surprising her kids with an upcoming Disney trip via a middle of the night flight and kids that will sleep through anything, including a drive to the airport.

    No kids for us, maybe I can do the same for my husband? Haha… terrible idea, he wouldn’t be thrilled.

  4. @Nancy…wow you went all out, and it turned out so cute. When I booked our Orlando flights, I’m not sure who was more excited, my kids or my husband. I usually plan out the entire itinerary and ask for votes on certain excursions or must see sites, but with Disneyworld, I told them they had to plan out which parks we’re visiting on what days and figure out Fast Passes.

    We’re not doing one relaxing vacation next year; I’m hoping I don’t regret that decision.

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