Why Isn’t Everybody Doing This?!?!

We all have things we are passionate about. You know, those products or activities we think are the best thing since sliced bread.

Why Isn't Everybody Doing This? www.milesforfamily.com

When you’re passionate about something, it comes up in conversation, probably a lot. We want to let the whole world know of our favorite secret thing!

It’s different and unique for every person. Maybe it’s using essential oils, running in 5k races, following a low-carb diet or raving about yoga/Zumba/Pilates.

However strong our enthusiasm is for our favorite things, there are just people who don’t get it. Why? Maybe they have negative or preconceived notions about the subject, or maybe they just don’t know enough about it to share our excitement.

Whatever the case, it’s likely we think others are crazy for not liking this thing as much as we do. I have a few things I do and love that I can’t help thinking, “Why isn’t everybody doing this?!?!”

So here are my things, in no particular order:

Colorado in the Summer

Where I live in the North Texas area, it seems the majority of families drive to the Destin, Florida area for summer vacation. I had never even heard of Destin before I moved here, but now I feel like I know that destination intimately after seeing so many photos on social media.

But for roughly the same driving time in the opposite direction (and sub-$100 airfares), you can be in beautiful Colorado for the summer. Sure, Colorado is popular during ski season, but I really don’t understand why it doesn’t get equal buzz for summer vacation.

Colorado summers are the best! Compared to North Texas (and many other places across the U.S.), Colorado is not nearly as hot or humid. Crowds are not an issue, and Denver has an easy public transportation system with the RTD Light Rail.

Why Isn't Everybody Doing This? www.milesforfamily.com

Cascade, Colorado

I’m not a skier, so the only times I’ve visited the ski towns of Aspen, Vail and Breckenridge are in the summer. And those towns are lovely during the summer months! You can still take gondolas to the top of the mountains to hike.

Near Colorado Springs, you can take a train to the top of Pikes Peak, dine in an airplane, visit the North Pole and take in breathtaking views at one of the most scenic zoos on the side of a mountain.

Not far from Denver, you can ride the Georgetown Loop Railroad with mine tour, hike to St. Mary’s Glacier and visit Rocky Mountain National Park.

I could go on and on about cool stuff to see and do in Colorado during the summer. Why isn’t everybody doing this?

Cruise Vacations

If you haven’t been on a cruise because you think it’s going to be like the TV show The Love Boat, let me tell you that cruising has changed a lot over the years. Cruise Lines are more family-friendly than ever!

Cruising can be an easy and less expensive way to visit multiple countries without having to pay expensive airfare to get there. Ships have immersive entertainment for all ages, and most cruise lines now have staterooms that are bigger than a closet.

Why Isn't Everybody Doing This? www.milesforfamily.com

Stateroom on the Disney Magic

I hear people say stuff like “I would be too claustrophobic on a cruise” or “I get too seasick.” I am both claustrophobic and prone to getting seasick, and neither have been an issue on any of my cruises. I take Bonine once a day before bed for motion sickness, and I am good to go. And being on board a cruise ship is like being in a small city, so I’ve never experienced claustrophobia.

Cruise vacations allow you to unplug from your digital world and connect with your family and other passengers in good, old-fashioned fun. Why isn’t everybody doing this!?! Especially families who spend a bundle on Disney World vacations. Disney Cruise Line is like Disney World, only more relaxing and less exhausting!

And did I mention the kids’ clubs? Yes, parents can relax while their kids are having a blast in the clubs. Go get a massage, see a show or actually carry on an adult conversation without being interrupted a million times.

Miles and Points Credit Cards

So yes, this was bound to come up, since I write for a Miles and Points blog. But many times, I am truly perplexed as to why more people aren’t doing this. And by “this”, I mean signing up for a new credit card at least once a year that has a healthy miles/points bonus.

I understand that some people are in process of repairing credit or are holding off because they are on the cusp of signing a new mortgage. But, I don’t understand why some people think credit cards are inherently evil. They can be a great tool if you use them responsibly.

If you’re going to be buying groceries and paying bills anyway, why not earn miles, points or other travel perks at the same time? Pay off your balance every month, and you get ahead.

To be clear, many people DO use a points-earning credit card. But if you’ve had it for years, you are only earning 1X or 2X points on your monthly spending. When you sign up for a new credit card, even one to two times a year, you can get 50k-100k in points for $3000 in spending from a sign-up bonus. That’s much better than just earning 3k points from putting that spending on your old stand-by card.

On Second Thought….

Wait, on second thought, if everyone starts doing these things, it won’t be good. Demand will go up, prices will rise, and cruises and my home state will become more crowded.

Ever since I took my first Disney Cruise in 2012, I’ve been passionately writing and posting on social media on how terrific Disney Cruise Line is. And look what happened! Prices have skyrocketed. I feel partly responsible.

So forget about Colorado and cruises. But, I still think earning miles and points from opening new credit cards is a great idea. Banks are continuing to offer great sign-up bonuses, so they are there for the taking.

What is your “why isn’t everybody doing this” thing? Please share in the comments.

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Author: Nancy

Nancy lives near Dallas, Texas, with her husband and three kids. Her favorite vacations include the beach, cruising and everything Disney.

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11 thoughts on “Why Isn’t Everybody Doing This?!?!

  1. Why doesn’t everybody shop at Aldi’s?! You save so much money, especially if you want to eat healthy. Lots of inexpensive produce and organic products.

    • Aldi’s, yes! I do half my shopping at Aldi’s and half at Walmart. I used to have to drive across town to get to Aldi, and it was kind of a pain. Then last year, Aldi’s announced it was building a new store about a mile from my house. I was ecstatic! However, my neighborhood was protesting. People thought that the value of our homes would go down and crime would increase because it was a discount store. Despite the protests, the store was approved by the city. Now, half the neighborhood shops there and loves it, too!

      • Will have to try Aldi’s when they open in the next month or two. I always wonder why everyone doesn’t shop at Sprouts just for fruits and vegetables; I can walk out spending $20 with 3 bags full; at least I got my sister hooked on Sprouts.

        But seriously, Disney Cruises are the best vacations ever. They treat you like royalty, and I don’t have to cook or clean, and you get to visit cool places. Yes, they are out of my price range, and I will have to plan a credit card strategy with discounted gift cards to ever go again, but we love Castaway Cay and Alaska. My in-laws are going in 3 weeks on a Disney Cruise to the Mexican Riviera, and my kids are so jealous.

      • Aldi takes some getting used to. It’s much smaller and there’s not a lot of selection, so I have to supplement with Walmart. I know what you mean about Sprouts, but I can’t stand to add a 3rd grocery store to my rounds. 🙂

        Ah yes, Disney Cruise Line. I already need to figure out how and when to afford our next cruise! I’m not sure I can make it happen again. I’d love to go on the Southern Caribbean route. I hope your in-laws have a great cruise!

  2. I agree with everything you said,Nancy. We just returned from Montreal on Amtrak. 11 hour trip one way. The trip was long but beats driving.

  3. Ok. My “why isn’t everybody doing this” is probably TMI for some people but it’s travel related. Before we had kids we went to Hong Kong and had a layover in Tokyo on the way home. We’d been traveling for over 10 hours already and a simple trip to the restroom changed my life.
    THE ELECTRONIC TOILET SEAT! OMG! I felt like a new person. I RAN to tell my husband to go to the men’s room and he was probably more elated than me lol! We immediately bought 2 for our home when we returned. We sing it’s praises to close friends and family and we just get blank stares back at us. People here think it’s gross but I assure you the opposite is true. It is so convenient and clean. I just don’t get why this hasn’t caught on here. I frankly find the old way of cleaning up barbaric lol! And not having access to an electronic toilet seat is the absolute worst part of travel for us.

    • @Lindy–I have a love/hate relationship with the electronic toilet seat. When I visited Japan in my early 20s, every toilet was like that, but some were more complicated than others. There were so many buttons, and I never knew what to expect. I was intimidated by the toilets! But I can see why they might be useful.

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