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Why I Plan to Stay True to My Niche

As you know, yesterday, I had the privilege of interviewing Chuck from Doctor of Credit (follow him on Twitter right now, it’s an order!) Anyway, Chuck was kind enough to link to my blog, and here is an interesting comment from one of his readers, as well as my response. I’m not including the name of the person because I’m not sure how he/she would feel about it:


Believe it or not, it didn’t actually make me upset. I mean, sure, I’m not crazy about the word “mediocre.” Correction: Aspiring to be mediocre! And believe me, this post isn’t some sort of a pity party or me looking for validation. If you want to be a miles and points blogger, you better put on your big girl/boy underpants. Honestly, this is nothing compared to what some of my comrades have to endure on a daily basis.

Actually, I choose to look at it as “glass half full”: Someone is reading my rants and apparently, they feel like the blog is improving. And I meant 100% what I said to that commenter. I welcome all feedback even if it’s not flattering. How else can I improve?

One thing I won’t be changing, however, is the direction of my site. Yes, it is an extremely narrow niche, no question. And yes, a lot of my content deals with credit cards. I write about what works for my family, what I believe can work for other families just like mine. I look for simple (and elegant) solutions to problems.

In fact, my whole goal is to make this hobby simpler, more accessible for an average Joe. I want normal families to get excited about miles and points. Maybe not as excited as I am, but I would like for them to enjoy the process of figuring out  loyalty programs  just as much as  travel itself.

I’ll confess, sometimes it feels like an impossible task. Growing my email list has been a HUGE challenge, but I treat each new subscriber as a victory. My blog is very much an oddball in a sea of MS and reselling sites. I don’t claim to be one of them, and if that’s what you are after, my content isn’t for you. Imagine someone commenting on FreequentFlyer and complaining that his posts aren’t very useful for normal middle-class families. It would be laughable, he doesn’t claim for that to be his niche.

You simply can’t be all things to all people when it comes to blogging. I respect the fact that most hobbyists will get nothing out of my posts. I don’t lose sleep over it. I just keep doing my thing, however crazy it is. Thanks for reading!

Author: Leana

Leana is the owner and founder of Miles For Family. She enjoys beach vacations and visiting her family in Europe. Originally from Belarus, Leana resides in central Florida with her husband and two children.

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6 thoughts on “Why I Plan to Stay True to My Niche

  1. Definitely stay within the niche. Actually, yours is the only blog in that niche that I follow, because of the humor, and thoughtful analyses. If like me you are following Seth Godin’s blog/posts (and you should, they are even more rewarding than awesome DoC 🙂 ), you of course know that trying to please everybody is hopeless and delighting a specific tribe/group, even it is just a few thousands, is a much better long-term strategy.

    • Uri, thank you so much for your comment! Sometimes I wonder what the heck am I doing here, it feels like I’m banging my head against the wall. Talk about a misfit of a blog!
      So it’s nice to know that people are benefiting. You know, I actually used to read Seth Godin, but haven’t recently. Should go back and check out his punchy and clever writing. Thanks for the reminder!

    • @Russ Oh, I didn’t mean to put the poor guy/gal on a spot! I actually just noticed that I accidentally did include the commenter’s name in my response. Oh well, they probably don’t care anyway. Look, not everyone will love my blog. I’m certain many find it quite mediocre, and that’s OK.
      I actually planned to do a post on this topic anyway, and felt this comment would tie in nicely. I figured it was a good opportunity to describe my vision and goals. Thanks for not finding my site mediocre! 🙂

  2. Please do continue using your concept. The blog may change and evolve but stay true to your viewpoint. Yours is a refreshing slant on the points hobby and I have learned from your analysis.

    • @Domenick Thank you! I’m so glad you have benefited from my analysis. Those type of posts take a lot of time and energy, and sometimes I wonder if readers are actually learning anything worthwhile. I only follow a few sites these days (mostly, so I don’t have the content overload), so I’m sure at times, I repeat the other guys unintentionally.
      I don’t know how this site will evolve, I really don’t. I doubt I will ever completely shut it down. It was a mistake to go that route, and I regret doing it. I wonder how many readers I’ve lost as a result. Most importantly, I need an outlet of some sort. Yes, it’s partially because I’m a bit of a narcissist!
      I thought about adding a “mom” angle, basically writing about my life as a SAHM etc. But I doubt people really want to hear about my mundane everyday activities. I do include mini-rants here and there, but ultimately, I want to keep this blog miles and points/travel related. It isn’t easy, and coming up with ideas is a challenge at times. Everything is already covered, so I have to add a different angle AND keep people entertained. That’s harder than it looks. Perhaps, scaling back to fewer posts is on the horizon. But for now, I have things to say, so I keep saying them.
      Sorry for subjecting you to my mini-rant! Please, don’t hesitate to email me with a topic you want me to cover.

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