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Miles and Points, The Beef

1. Stay two separate nights at Choice property before November 12th, get  a free night.

2. Through November 30th, get a 35% bonus on Virgin Atlantic miles transfer from Membership Rewards. As I wrote before, you can redeem on partners like Virgin America, Delta and Hawaiian, but flights have to be roundtrip.

The program does impose fuel surcharges on their own flights, but they are mild on economy  tickets to (not from) London. For example, one-way flight from LAX to London will cost 16,000 Membership Rewards+$135 in taxes per person, due to 35% transfer bonus. You can use another currency like Avios (British Airways miles)  to come back.

If you plan to go to Europe next summer and live near an airport served by Virgin Atlantic Airline, I strongly recommend you look into it. Transfer does take a day or two, but availability is usually pretty good. You can see the miles calculator for specific routes here

3. The official end date for Chase Ink Plus’ increased offer has been confirmed to be October 19th. It pays me commission. I’ve suggested you apply for Chase Ink Bold instead on, which will be discontinued on November 16th.

4. Get 7,500 AAdvantage miles for test driving  a Cadillac. While supplies (miles?) last. (H/T View From the Wing)

5. Via The Deal MommySpend $50 on certain household items on Amazon and get a $15 gift card.

6. The winner of my random $25 Amazon gift card drawing was I’ve changed a couple of letters to protect the privacy. I’ve tried emailing to confirm the details, but got no response. Can you please contact me, if you are reading this?

I will be out-of-town this weekend. If you email me, I won’t be able to respond till Sunday evening. Sorry!

On my mind

People love controversy and drama. No need to pretend, I love it too! It definitely breaks up the monotony and makes things way more exciting. There were some posts of mine that took 4 hours (yes, really!) to research, write and edit. They were good, “meat and potatoes” kinds of posts, yet they got no comments or reader reaction. Nothing.

Yet my “Anti-Vendoming” post took all of 15 minutes to write, and the traffic went through the roof. It’s my most commented and viewed post since I started this blog. Why? It was controversial. It wasn’t meant that way, but that’s how it came across.

That said, I’m doing my hardest not to create too much drama these days. But isn’t it what people want? Shouldn’t I try to increase my traffic and stick to the formula that clearly works?

Not if I want to run a business, and I do, even though it’s quite small. I have to keep it professional and mostly positive in tone. Not to mention, I don’t really like being a jerk. I want to deliver value, and there is very little value in ranting.

Internet, TV and life in general are all full of rants and rambling. You don’t need to read my blog for your daily fill of drama. I do have rants (like this one), but they take a backseat to my main dish, which hopefully solves  problems.

It’s like that commercial:”Where is the beef?” Well, I want my readers to support this blog based on value, aka “the beef,” not the wackiness.

Several times now I have written a post and ended up deleting it. I was afraid it would be perceived as a personal attack, and I want to avoid it at all costs. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I disagree with many recent trends in this industry. But any time I’m tempted to offer an extra colorful commentary, I have to remind myself that my blog is called “Miles for family,” not “It’s your miles!” with exclamation point.

Of course, it doesn’t mean I’m completely done with controversy. After all, I am a drama queen! With exclamation point.

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Author: Leana

Leana is the owner and founder of Miles For Family. She enjoys beach vacations and visiting her family in Europe. Originally from Belarus, Leana resides in central Florida with her husband and two children.

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2 thoughts on “Miles and Points, The Beef

  1. I think it’s possible to share your opinion without it being drama. I’ve heard and read from many print (and online) journalism experts that writers should try to stir up some sort of emotion.

    Not that blogging is “journalism,” but I still think that advice holds true. The internet would be a boring place if we all tried not to offend one another every day.

    • Holly, I agree. Like I said, I am by no means done with drama. In fact, my next Wednesday post will probably reaffirm that. 😉 I don’t do boring, “wacky” is my trademark, and I plan to keep it that way.
      The challenge is to address the issues, but do it in a civil manner. So many times in this industry things are presented as black and white, and that’s just not the case. Life doesn’t work like that. It has been a learning experience for me too. In fact, if I went back in time, some posts would have probably stayed in draft section.
      I actually do think that miles and points blogging is journalistic in nature. Of course, not in a true sense of the word, but in terms of covering current events. The drama in our neck of the woods is getting out of hand as of late, though. Don’t know how much of it you follow, but try to stay away. You have been warned!

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