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Points and deals update, Purple Cow

1) According to Point Chaser blog, you can apply for a second CITI Executive AAdvantage card that comes with 100000 miles sign-up bonus, even if you already have one. It does have a steep $10000  minimum spend in 3 months,  $450 annual fee and $200 credit. More info and a link to apply HERE

2) You can now activate Chase Freedom’s bonus categories, which include Lowe’s and restaurants.  Just don’t buy gift cards to iTunes and Starbucks or go out to eat for that reason. Just say no!

3) Today only get 17 % off Frontier flights with a code POTOGOLD. (H/T Deals we like blog.)

4) In case you haven’t heard, Barclay’s is now issuing Hawaiian Airlines credit card. It does pay me commission and you can find more info in my secondary list of bonuses, where it happily lived even before it started offering me any incentive. I would get US Airways card (pays no commission)  before any other Barclaycards, though.

5) Via Frequent Miler, you can get 3 percent back on Amex gift cards through, use code FSEMP14 to avoid shipping fees.

Time for some navel-gazing, ya’ll ! One of the well-known and respected voices in the world of marketing is Seth Godin, the bestselling author of the book “Purple cow.”   In it he claims that in order to be successful at marketing or anything else really, you need to stand out from the herd of brown cows. Be remarkable, non-boring, be the purple cow.

I can tell you, if Seth Godin ever stumbled upon my blog, he would immediately label it ” brown cow.” He wouldn’t even bother to read my posts. In  his blog, he once mentioned how “average” is just another way to say “mediocre.” Well, just look at the slogan of my blog!

I really debated on what to name my site. Let’s face it, “Miles for Family” is so very boring, so “brown cow.” Ultimately, though, I chose to keep it simple and to the point. That’s not to say that my posts have always been to the point. In fact, if Mr. Godin ever read them, he would see that this cow is actually rainbow colored!

But my ultimate goal with this blog is to reach regular families. I hope to show how you can do remarkable things, even if others view you as unremarkable.  I guess, I am going for a  brown cow with purple spots. Yep, I am challenging Seth Godin!


Author: Leana

Leana is the owner and founder of Miles For Family. She enjoys beach vacations and visiting her family in Europe. Originally from Belarus, Leana resides in central Florida with her husband and two children.

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