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Miles and points, Bullies, Oregon

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 I’ve never liked bullies. It’s sad really when people feel the need to tear others down in order to make themselves look good. Most of it comes from their own insecurity, I’m sure. That’s why they do their bullying while surrounded or watched by others, whether in person or on the internet.

My posts at times have been *ahem* opinionated. While trying to express my strong views, perhaps on occasion I have even crossed that line that separates journalism and bullying. I sure hope not. It reminds me of lyrics : ” We mean it, but we promise, we are not mean”. I think there is such a thing as being too politically correct. As I  mentioned before, I do wish I had done some things very differently. Ultimately though, I think I would have regretted not saying anything even more. And actually, I do have one such regret.

Some time back I was involved in a conversation on Twitter with some fellow bloggers. There were three of us discussing credit cards. One made an uncalled for and rude remark directed towards another blogger. I made a joke, trying to diffuse the situation, when I really should have stood up for that person.  That’s the thing   about not saying anything when you are involved in a situation where bullying occurs. You become part of  the problem. And that is something you’ll have to live with afterwards.

Trip report.

2005, Oregon

This was a trip inspired by family history. My husband’s grandparents met in Seaside, Oregon. It always held  a special place in their hearts. So it was decided that we would fly there with my in-laws and take some photos in locations they have been to and talked about.  We also had some friends in the area we wanted to visit. Oregon has some amazing waterfalls, more impressive than any I have ever seen. The coastline has this haunting, melancholic beauty about it. Oregon is where Lewis and Clark finished their infamous journey.

My husband is a total aviation nut, but he didn’t  know about Evergreen Aviation and Space museum . We passed it on the way to the coast and he exclaimed: “That’s Spruce Goose!” You could see the plane from the road.

From the museum website: “The largest airplane ever constructed, and flown only one time, the Spruce Goose represents one of man’s greatest attempts to conquer the skies. Henry Kaiser, steel magnate and shipbuilder, conceived the idea of a massive flying transport and turned to Howard Hughes to design and build it.

Hughes took on the task, made even more challenging by the government’s restrictions on materials critical to the war effort, such as steel and aluminum. Six times larger than any aircraft of its time, the Spruce Goose, also known as the Flying Boat, is made entirely of wood.”

Oregon definitely has a lot to offer. There is Portland culture and museums, spectacular scenery and amazing history.

Miles and points.

1) I try to focus on pure finance deals as well as points.  Check out a thread on Fatwallet, keeping track of the best CD rates  HERE

2) I liked this post on FTG about protection benefits you can get from different cards. Worth the read HERE

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4) Southwest schedule is opened through August 8th and now you can book some routes to  Aruba, Jamaica and Bahamas for travel after July 1st.

5) IHG Point Breaks list is now released for stays through March 31st

6) There is a 100000 miles bonus offer for CITI AA card, though with huge spending requirements and 450 dollar fee. More in my “Best deals” page. Also, if you are looking to apply for a business card, there is an offer for SimplyCash Amex business Open that gives 250 dollars in cash back after spending 3000 in 3 months. More details in my list of business card bonuses.

7) The Points guy has found an offer for 40000 miles bonus on Alaska Airlines. Not worth it IMO, but read about it HERE

8) If you like skiing but can’t afford it, check out this excellent post on Milesabound on ways to do a family ski trip in Whistler, Canada  with the help of credit card bonuses HERE

Warning: there is manufactured spending involved and lots of hoops to jump through!

Author: Leana

Leana is the owner and founder of Miles For Family. She enjoys beach vacations and visiting her family in Europe. Originally from Belarus, Leana resides in central Florida with her husband and two children.

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2 thoughts on “Miles and points, Bullies, Oregon

  1. I decided to directly visit your blog today, but I can’t help but feel that you are going to turn readers off if you are using titles as link bait to posts with irrelevant content (such as your feelings about bullies and trip reports from 2005.)

  2. Hua, thanks for commenting! The title is more of a joke than anything else, to be completely honest. I actually have no plans to use it again. I doubt, it will help me with traffic. I mentioned before that my humor isn’t for everyone so I get where you are coming from. As far as my feelings about bullies, I think they are quite relevant. Bullying is a huge problem in this industry. It’s tolerated and sometimes even encouraged.
    As far as my trip reports from the past, I don’t have too many of those left. My reason for featuring them is to educate the reader. I try to write about the history and the culture of those places, not just personal irrelevant info. I’m sorry you aren’t enjoying them. Plus, this is a 3 part post, so I always say the readers are free to skip the parts they don’t like. I make sure to gather the news in the miles world, that’s the main reason for my Friday’s posts. Hope you find my content helpful in the future!

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