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CIMG5615 One of the fun things about the WordPress blogging platform is seeing the search terms by which the readers on the internet find my blog. Here are some of the best ones: “Rhyme about being in debt”. No need to explain if you have been reading my blog for even a week! The most disturbing one: ” I hate my cousin-in-law,” related to my honesty pledge. At least it wasn’t “I want to kill my cousin-in-law,” so it could be worse.

Trip report

This was part of the cruise we took while I was 4 months pregnant. Last week I described the Belize stop, where we visited the Mayan ruins. Cozumel is one of the most popular cruise stops, and for  a good reason. It feels safe and has  a lot to offer. You can see the Mayan ruins in San Gervasio, have some of the best diving in the Caribbean or just shop to your heart’s content (though I hate shopping).

We opted to go to Chankanaab Beach adventure park. Since I was pregnant, we didn’t want to do anything too strenuous. Ok, that sounds crazy after I told you how I climbed the Mayan pyramids, doesn’t it? The park felt a bit artificial, but I would still recommend it, especially if you are traveling with kids. It has beautiful gardens, a very nice snorkeling area and a dolphin interaction program. We saw lots of kids having  a really good time there.

Cozumel is a bit like that park: a nice and safe but packaged and somewhat artificial part of Mexico.  But  it’s not a bad thing, especially if you are traveling with small kids.

Miles and points.

1) Just a reminder to book your awards on United to Alaska and Hawaii before February 1st. That’s when the new award chart goes in effect.

2) View from the wing reports that Barclay’s will be issuing US Airways credit card for at least  a year. That means that there is no rush to get it at this point. In fact, it may pay to wait and see if the bonus will be increased. Also, the card will supposedly not be converted to Barclaycard Arrival as originally reported.

3)  A quick reminder about the deal at Officemax this week, where you can get 40 dollars off after purchasing three $200 Mastercard gift cards. Worth the effort if you have a store nearby.

4) Through January 31st, there is a 40 percent  bonus on Virgin America transfers from Amex Membership Rewards. Could be worth it if you live near the airports served by that airline. Read more on it HERE 

5) Via PFDigest, you can get 1 year of free Experian credit monitoring service by signing up HERE  

6) I don’t normally post on travel deals, but there is a special on 2-bedroom suites at a nice, kid-friendly resort for 89 dollars per night all the way through June, in case you are going to Orlando. Read more HERE  

7) Via Points and pixie dust blog, there is a Groupon deal of $20 for $40 toward an Avis rental. Read more HERE

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Leana is the owner and founder of Miles For Family. She enjoys beach vacations and visiting her family in Europe. Originally from Belarus, Leana resides in central Florida with her husband and two children.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on the Orlando hotel special. Looks like kid heaven! Thinking I may need to take advantage of that deal.

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