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Miles and points roundup, me and Santorini

CIMG1830 CIMG1821 CIMG1848I mentioned, that this will be my segment about miles and points news and how they relate to a middle class family, like mine. In the fewest possible words (for me), like Milenerd blog. But I decided to mix it up and include some photos from our past trips.

I will cut the fat and do the shortest trip reports in the industry for this segment, yet another niche of mine. When I run out of reports, I will start including random internet photos as filler content, like some other bloggers already do! ūüôā

Pictures above: 2006.  Santorini, Greece. My favorite island in the world. Unique topography, but volatile history of earthquakes, because of its volcanic origins. Some historians say, it inspired the legend of Atlantis.

The island is an eclectic mix of old and modern. I miss it, but not sure, if I ever make it back, since it’s so difficult to get to. Though I am curious to see the changes, that occurred since my last visit. One thing for certain: Santorini is calling ¬†me. Maybe someday…

Miles and points segment:

1)  When you convert your hotel points to Avios through October 15th, you can get a bonus of 25 percent. The only worthwhile transfer is from SPG in  my opinion. You get 5000 points bonus, when you convert 20000 points already, and the bonus is on top of that. Avios are excellent for short flights on American Airlines  within USA. CLICK for more on the topic at Milesabound blog.

CLICK to BA page for details on how to register for promotion.

2) If you are working on IHG “Big Win” promotion CLICK or just plan to stay in IHG brand hotel, you may be able to get extra savings on hotels with these codes. CLICK to “View from the wing” blog for more.

3) Chase Southwest credit card sign-up bonus is increased to 50000 points till October 31st. Look at my “Best credit card deals for family” page for more. Read my next news item, before you get too excited. Though it’s still a solid offer for an average family, in spite of devaluation. Citi AA card remains my top bonus offer.

4) Via The Points guy, starting ¬†March 31, 2014,¬†Rapid Rewards members will need to redeem 70 points per $1, bringing your value to 1.4 cents per point. Right now it’s 1.67, and actually closer to 1.9 cents, if you factor in tax.

This is why I stick to cash back for my non bonus spending. If you have been reading all of my previous posts, team Belarus is definitely the winner CLICK and Freedom would be crazy not to marry Sallie now CLICK. I knew nothing of the changes at the time of writing those posts.

5) I wrote a post on Frontier card 40000 miles sign-up bonus. It’s not a top bonus offer, but might be of interest to some.¬†CLICK for more

6)¬†Update: I don’t see an expiration date for this offer currently, but YMMV ¬† September 30th is the last day to apply for Chase BA visa with 50000 Avios after 2000 spent in 3 months, first annual fee waived.This is the first time I have seen this card with a waived fee. Look at my “Best credit card deals for family ” for details.

Adios, amigos! Till my next post, that is.

Author: Leana

Leana is the owner and founder of Miles For Family. She enjoys beach vacations and visiting her family in Europe. Originally from Belarus, Leana resides in central Florida with her husband and two children.

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