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Would you like an iTunes card with that latte?

A post in Pointchaser blog recently caught my attention. She mentioned that the single most popular reason people give on why they started blogging in this hobby,  was so they could help their family and friends. Heck, that’s what I said in my Million Mile Secrets blog interview! And it is partially true. But there is another quirky reason and today I will come clean. No, it’s not affiliate links, believe it or not.

It aaaall started ooone day (misspelling is on purpose for dramatic effect), when I was reading a major blog . In the post the author  was talking about leveraging Chase Freedom’s 5 percent bonus category to buy gift cards for iTunes and Starbucks at Lowe’s.

I pointed out in the comments section, how you could buy those with up to 20 percent discount through various methods. I figured this person would take note. But just 4 weeks later, that author said the very same thing again.

I decided right then and there, that I would start a blog. I couldn’t take it anymore! I suspect several blogs have been born that way. 🙂 I actually do like that particular mentioned site. But who buys 1500 dollars worth of iTunes and Starbucks gift cards to begin with ? Not an average family, that’s for sure! If a regular person ever saw that, they would give up on this hobby, thinking it’s only a rich folks’ game.

Here is the thing about iTunes gift cards. Staples has sales on them often at 20 percent off. As of September 13th, Best Buy has  100 dollar gift cards on sale for 85 dollars. If you buy a 100 dollar  card, that should get you 100 songs, I think. You are all set for awhile till the next sale!

Starbucks cards can be bought at up to 16 percent discount sometimes. Right now the highest, I found, was 14 percent. The easiest way to find out is to go to  Giftcardgranny and do a search in “buy cards” section. Its an excellent site, that will list  various options for you.

If you see Cardpool or Raise  stores listed with the lowest price, there is a way to leverage it even further. You can do that by going to Topcashback and getting an account. Its a shopping portal, that lets you get cash back on your online purchases. You click through it to various merchants, including Cardpool and Raise.

Lets say you have a choice of buying a 100 dollar gift card through Freedom’s 5 percent category at Lowe’s , or through Cardpool and getting a 16 percent discount. I value Ultimate rewards point at 1.25 cents, so it would mean a little over 6 dollar discount. Or I could buy through Cardpool and get 16 dollars. Hmm, which one to choose?

Of course, the discount will vary, but you get the idea. There is one gift card in my opinion, that is almost always worth buying through Chase Freedom bonus category and transferring to Ultimate rewards. It’s Amazon card and its very hard to find at any significant discount. I buy diapers and wipes online, so we spend a good chunk there.

Some cards, like Sallie Mae, give 5 percent back on Amazon purchases all year, but if you don’t have it, Freedom is the next best thing.  There may be other retailers worth looking at, so make sure to compare. It does depend on what you value Ultimate rewards at. So shop around. Otherwise that latte may leave a bitter taste in your mouth and those songs may not sound so sweet.

A reminder: September 14th is the last day to activate Chase Freedom’s 5 percent cash back on these categories. You would earn points retroactively, as long as you do it before the deadline.

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September 14, 2013

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